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- So we need to talk about this new thing for a minute.
It was just announced,
it's called the Amazon Echo Show 5.
And, as the name might suggest,
it's a smaller Amazon Echo Show.
It's also less expensive.
And, I tell you,
I gotta wonder if it's not giving people fits
in Google right now,
and maybe actually within Amazon.
So let's do it,
let's go talk about this thing for a minute.
(industrious music)
All right, first things first,
the Echo Show 5 costs $90.
It's got a 5.5 inch touchscreen
and 960 by 480 resolution.
It's got a one megapixel camera
with a physical shutter that can go on top of it
and make sure it can't spy on you, right.
That's huge.
That's the way these things are supposed to be done.
It's also got a button to turn off the mic and cameras
as you'd expect.
There's also a 3.5mm audio out jack which is cool,
so you can plug it into another speaker if you want.
It'll do Bluetooth for audio
and it connects to WiFi 5 or 802.11AC
if you're still using the old terminology.
And, of course, it's got all the Alexa skills
that are built in to the Amazon Echo Show.
All right, so it's newer,
it's smaller,
and it's less expensive.
Got it?
So I'm still working this out in my brain.
The big Amazon Echo Show costs $229,
not inexpensive.
So, I figure you folks will absolutely
start thinking about this smaller, cheaper one instead
Then there's also Google's Nest Hub
or the Google Home Hub it used to be called,
now it's the Nest Hub.
It's $129 with a seven inch display.
I've got a whole video on that, right,
go watch it if you haven't already.
It's really good,
I really like it a lot.
It's an excellent photo album.
But it's also $40 more expensive
than the Amazon Echo Show 5.
And for a lot of people, I get it all right,
that $40 is gonna make a big difference
when you're going to make your decision.
And then, what about the Amazon Echo Spot?
You remember that guy?
It's a softball shape and softball size
little Echo Show type thing.
It's also $129,
and will it stay at that price?
I don't know, we'll have to see.
And, yeah, it's a lot smaller
with a screen that's not really shaped for video,
even though it does video just fine.
So, is it dead?
Why would you ever buy it over
the new Echo Show 5?
And then there's the new Lenovo Smart Clock
that was announced way back at CES.
It's a little bit smaller, four inches,
and it costs $10 less, right.
But it's also more of a clock
than like a full Echo Show sort of thing.
So would you buy this Smart Clock
or the Nest Hub
over the new Echo Show 5?
I don't know man.
And at that price you kind of get the idea
that Amazon's really sticking it to Google here.
So those are the things that I'm thinking about right now.
And I tell you, this space is getting really crowded
and all sorts of cool stuff coming out this summer.
I don't know, maybe it just boils down
to that old question, right.
Are you a Google person,
you wanna use all Google stuff or Nest stuff?
Or are you just fine using Amazon Alexa.
And, to be clear,
Amazon Alexa and the Echo Shows and all that
are really good products.
So we'll just have to see.
For now, let me know what you're thinking.
Go hit me up in the comments,
go find me on the socials.
Be sure to subscribe to ModernDad
wherever it is that you're watching this.
See you later.


Amazon Echo Show 5: Some quick thoughts

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Julia Kuo 2019 年 7 月 10 日 に公開
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