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  • Do you have bow legs, but would'nt you want to learn a simple exercise that you can

  • do every single day and that will help you get straighter legs? Then keep

  • watching. I have a short sequence for you that will clearly help you feel better.

  • My name is Chi and you're welcome to The Body Conditioner. Here we work in

  • not out! if you want me to make more content on how to correct your bow legs

  • naturally, then right 'yes' further below in the comment section. All

  • you need today is a book and be seated. So take this book or a file and just place

  • it between your thighs and squeeze. It's as simple as that.

  • We are activating the hip adductors, ADD, I know you have heard about this and we

  • are going to do this for a while. Pin down the big toes, plant the big toes

  • down. If this sounds new to you, then you need to watch the video with my three

  • tips on how to correct the bow legs. You'll find it right here in the cards or

  • further below in the description. So plant down the big toes and keep breathing in

  • and out. Lift the chest up, right shoulder pointing to the right, left shoulder to the

  • left and keep a smile on the lips. So we'll stay here for a little while, you can

  • really keep this going for 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, a minute.

  • As long as you like and then you release. And what do we feel? It's quite

  • challenging and at the same time you notice that we've used our lower abdomen.

  • So, that's a bonus. So, keep doing that day in, day out, whenever you remember.

  • And we keep activating the inner thigh muscles, the hip adductors. Have a

  • fantastic day!

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  • from it.

Do you have bow legs, but would'nt you want to learn a simple exercise that you can


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弓脚のためのヨガポーズ~弓脚矯正エクササイズ (Yoga Pose For Bow Legs - Bow Leg Correction Exercise)

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