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  • I feel like I'm the most fierce competitor there is. I don't think I'm ever gonna

  • find something equal the game of basketball for me. They talk about guys being competitors

  • he was the fiercest of all the competitors. I thought Jesus works seven days a week or

  • six days he rest on Sunday didn't he? Well Michael Jordan played on Sunday. An assassin

  • personified that had that killer instinct. I'm not sure people really know how good

  • this guy is. Michael Jordan at his best there's very few people on this planet that can do

  • this. For me Michael Jordan was he was a killer. It didn't matter he wanted to come in and

  • kill you. What motivates me is the unknown. No one knows. They can all speculate but no

  • one really knows and myself I didn't know. But that I didn't let that stop me. You

  • know and I let that motivate me more so than anything that you know as long as it is unknown,

  • that means I have a chance. And that's the way I pursued my whole career. No matter what

  • the game is, or who you're playing against, you have to want the ball. The clock, the

  • pressure, block all that out. All you think about is what you have to do to win. That's

  • why I love the end of the game because it comes down to that one moment when it's

  • all in my hand. Good morning ladies and gentlemen welcome to flight twenty three. I don't

  • always have to hit the last shot, but I do have to walk away knowing that I did everything

  • I could to win the game. when you step on the floor it doesn't matter how many times

  • you've done it before. All that matters is that you do it now. Those are the moments

  • you put in the hours of practice for. Those are the ones you never forget. I never feared

  • about my skills you know because I put in the work. Work ethic eliminates fear. So if

  • you put forth the work, then what are you fearing? You know what you're capable of

  • doing, what you're not. I've never been afraid, I mean obviously you're nervous.

  • But afraid means you're not confident in your skills. I have total confidence in my

  • skills so I'm not afraid. Be true to the game because the game will be true to you.

  • If you shortcut the game, then the game's gonna shortcut you. If you put forth the effort,

  • good things will be bestowed upon you. That's truly about the game and in some ways that's

  • about life too.

I feel like I'm the most fierce competitor there is. I don't think I'm ever gonna


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究極の競技者 - マイケル・ジョーダンのモチベーション・トリビュート (Ultimate Competitor - Michael Jordan Motivation Tribute)

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