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(upbeat music)
- Oh, hey you.
I'm Eva and welcome to Roo High School.
Today I'm here with some friends
and special quests to talk about bodies.
(upbeat music)
Here to help us answer any questions that come up,
Planned Parenthood educator Kwamane
and our star guest of the show, Roo.
Roo is an anonymous non-judgmental
chatbot that is available on your phone
24/7 to ask it any questions
that you may not want to ask an actual person.
I've prepared these mystery lockers for my friends,
La'Shaunae and James.
Let's see how uncomfortable these lockers make them.
(upbeat music)
Guys we need to get serious.
(horn toots)
Okay, we're just opening the lockers
and we're gonna answer some questions inside them.
Alright La'Shaunae you're first.
Pick your locker.
(drumming) - I don't know.
I'll do this one.
(upbeat organ music)
- Oh my god.
- Can you guess the theme of this locker?
- Masturbation.
- Yes. - Okay.
- I don't know if you wanna go searching
find a little question.
- It says, what will happen to me if I masturbate too much?
- So let's see what Roo has to say.
What will happen if you masturbate too much?
Masturbating a lot won't hurt you
or cause serious health problems.
It's only a problem if it gets in the way
of your daily activities like school,
or your social life.
If you're worried, you can talk to an adult you trust
but odds are,
you're not masturbating too much.
- I feel like it's kind of like playing
video games you know like
oh you're losing time in your day.
- But I like to spend some time on myself.
- You know like spend a little time on yourself.
Like there's those days when you're just
sitting in the house all day and
it happens like four times
and you're just like.
(sexy music)
- Alright, pick your locker.
- Okay.
(gasps) Seven. - Okay.
- Okay, I'm ready.
(upbeat organ music)
- [Everyone] Oo!
- You know he loves a mirror.
- [Eva] Oh.
- Okay I'm seeing a lot of image things.
I'm seeing some deodorant.
Is this the puberty locker?
- Uh hmm, it's the puberty locker.
(bell rings)
- You see this pimple growing.
- Uh hmm.
- It think I need some acne cream.
- Oh it's, there's not cream--
- Oh!
- There's a question.
What happens during puberty?
So much.
(locker slam)
- Everything happens.
- Let's just see what Roo says about this.
A whole bunch of changes.
You may deal with hair in new places.
- Growth spurts.
- Body odor and feeling more emotional or sexual.
- Alright, next locker.
(drum roll)
- [All] Oo!
- Tampons, pads, pain relievers.
I'm far too familiar with this.
- Same. - Not same.
- What is a normal period?
(audience gasps)
- That's a loaded question.
- Well I know that some girls have their periods
for one to four days
and some girls like me
have irregular periods that last
way longer and
it's a total disaster.
- Yeah, mine lasts six days.
And then I have friends that are like.
My period's done, it's been three days
and I'm like you suck!
Alright let's move onto the next locker.
James take your pick.
- I'm going to go with.
(drum roll)
Blue because it's my favorite color.
(high piano note)
Blue balls.
- Blue balls isn't a real thing.
- Wow, there is so much going on in here.
- Can you guess what the theme is for this locker?
- Um, ah, it's very unclear but I'm gonna guess
penis and vagina.
- Correct!
(bell rings)
- That kinda sound like a song.
Penis and vagina.
- Penis and vagina.
- Vagina.
- Vagina, vagina.
(horn toots)
- What just came outta that?
- Okay let's see.
How big is my penis supposed to be?
Alright let's see what Roo has to say.
- There's no normal size and you can
have healthy sex no matter what size it is.
Thanks Roo.
- Wooo-oh-oh-oh.
Is my vagina normal?
Um, I'm gonna hand this one to you guys.
- I go through phases on a monthly basis
asking if my vagina's normal or not
and it typically is, it's just me like, overthinking.
But I think we should ask Kwamane.
- Kwamane.
- Where you at?
- Oh, what a coincidence.
I have the same vagina model right here.
There is really no such thing as a normal vagina.
Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes.
And if you have any questions about your body,
talk to a trusted adult
or visit your local Planned Parenthood.
P.s. the vagina is the inside part.
The vulva is the outside part.
- Thanks Kwamane.
Okay well that was super fun.
- Yeah.
- And if you guys have any more sex related questions,
you guys can head over and ask Roo.
(upbeat music)
- Penis and vagina.
- Penis and vagina.
- Vagina.
- Vagina, vagina.
(horn toots)


Roo High School | Body Questions at the Mystery Lockers

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