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And try to run away from their mid laner which is definitely moving on me
There's this jungler, oh I got my stopwatch up actually this is actually the outplay that sentry coming
He flashed
That really blows man Wow, you know, you're so close
You ready I'm ready. Okay, let's try this
No way that did not just happen we're serious
Smart strong
Athletic college education handsome good that league must be boy boy
Well, I'm gonna take my pants off real quick
All right now I'm now I'm in business watch this
Okay, you you don't you don't have to watch that part
Mom fucking death, I wish understand
Oh God
Got'em Edda shenzhen have you weren't streaming. Do you have a profession you can see yourself in?
Doing your mom
Well, that's why sometimes I say the eight seconds too late isn't enough. I have the power
My god, I just fucking freaked it on these kids where I don't play Karthus, but I play - is so nice
What's that that looks so weird it went past me
Dude how are these fucking rockets hitting me?
it's in China and
Then just just scroll in to where Los Angeles is the two fires nice trailer bro. That was fucking nuts. Okay this
My god, is this not smarter apparent do something before it goes bad. I mean we're prepared. We have a streaming backpack available
Don't worry. We got it
Oh money, is he up trying I
Swear I'm doing hey I got
Sweat it so much there. Oh
Yeah, I'm good at I really alot on this moon
Sudeer yeah, buddy boy. Hey, that's a free fucking in him if I ever did see one of my life
Should I gotta be quickly gonna be quick?
Do it do it. Keep on keep on. Yeah. Yeah. Stop is me
Stop the bay
Holy shit the gate the gate. Oh
Oh, oh shit they're coming
Oh my god, there's our fucking deer here
Let's fucking go baby. Let's go
I live
You can farm across the map and you're not making money and bass
Look it's sauce - teacher
Easy it's easy as much more money 25 now. I got a CS dude
Of opposition
What the fuck is this champion
I'm fucking bad. Oh my god. I actually just into they're
Great for even more math even more mad
What oh my god, are you fucking kidding me?
Suck my dick
That is huge
That was so clean, holy that was the most high-risk shit that I've ever done in my life
You dumb motherfucker I run this shit
Hey, I got an ID on top baby I will say worth there's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile the
Whole world stops and stares for a while
Just wake you up


Licorice Performs Outplay of the Century Best of LoL Streams

619 タグ追加 保存
空白 2019 年 6 月 30 日 に公開
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