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  • Everything you see exists together in a

  • delicate balance. Since the release of

  • the original Lion King film 25 years ago

  • The number of lions in the world has

  • declined by half. 100 years ago there

  • were more than 200 thousand African

  • lions. Today there are only about 20,000

  • left and unfortunately their numbers are

  • still declining. But we have the

  • opportunity to bring them back. And

  • Disney is taking action.

  • Through the protect the pride Global Initiative

  • Disney is partnering with the world's

  • leading lion experts to help defend

  • African wildlife. The lion recovery fund

  • aims to double the number of lions in

  • the wild by 2015. When we protect lions

  • we help to protect important habitats

  • for all kinds of Wildlife across Africa.

  • From meerkats and warthogs to hornbills

  • and hyenas.

  • When we protect lines we help protect

  • the entire circle of life.

  • [Music]

  • A true king searches for what he could

  • give. To learn how you can help protect

  • the pride, visit slash lion king

  • protect the pride

Everything you see exists together in a


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ライオンキング|プライドを守る (The Lion King | Protect The Pride)

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