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  • Simba,

  • You must remember who you are.

  • The one true king.

  • Life's

  • not fair.

  • Is it, my little friend?

  • While some are born to feast,

  • others spend their lives in the dark,

  • begging for scraps.

  • Everything you see,

  • exists together in a delicate balance.

  • While others search for what they can take,

  • a true king searches for what he can give.

  • Run away, Simba.

  • And NEVER return.

  • You must take your place

  • in the circle of life.

  • Everything the light touches,

  • is our kingdom.

  • But a king's time as ruler,

  • rises and falls like the sun.

  • One day,

  • the sun will set on my time here,

  • and will rise with you as the new king.

  • Remember.



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新作『THE LION KING(2019)』予告編 (New THE LION KING (2019) Trailer)

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