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Hello and welcome to The Hess Billionaire Game show.
I'm your host, Shaun, and here is our special guest today, Fiona.
Hello, everyone. I'm Fiona.
Hi there, Fiona, welcome. Okay, today, the game is very simple.
All you need to do is answer the question correctly, and you can win the prize.
Today, we are going to be talking about countries around the world.
Sounds easy to me. Wait! What if I don't know the answer?
If you don't know the answer, not a problem.
You can use your “Hero Card.” If you use your hero card, your favorite hero will come to rescue you and tell you the right answer.
Wow! I can't wait to see who is going to be my true hero.
Are you ready, Fiona?
Yes, I'm.
Great! Right, question number one.
So, which country is this?
Is it, A, Germany, B, France, or C, Japan?
Easy one! The answer is B, France.
That's right! Fiona, That's the Eiffel Tower. It's one of the most famous landmarks in all of France.
Thanks, Shaun. I'm ready for the Question Two.
OK. Question number two. Where are these famous buildings?
Is it, A, England, B, China, or C, Egypt?
The answer is… C, Egypt. They are the Pyramids.
Bingo! Wow, you are really really good at this, Fiona.
That's because we have a family trip on every summer vacation,
and travelling is the best way to know a place.
That's correct. OK, now we're gonna make it a little harder.
Question number three, here we go. Where is this famous place?
Is it A, Brazil, B, England, or C, Australia?
Actually… I have no idea. Maybe it's time for the hero to help me.
Are you sure? You know the hero can only help you once.
Yes, I'm sure. My hero must be very handsome, strong and charming.
Well, hello there, Fiona. How may I help you today?
You are so sweet. Can you tell me…
What! Shaun! What are you doing here? Where is my hero?
What, watch your attitude, young lady.
Don't you realize I have lot of fans out there?
Where…? Never mind.
Can you just skip the hero part and tell me the answer?
OK. Not funny.
Right, let's get back to the topic.
So, that was a statue, a very famous one at the top of the mountain, Corcovado, in Brazil.
Brazil? I have never been there. But, thanks to you, I'll remember this forever.
That's ok.
Right, are you ready for the final question?
OK, where is this animal from?
Is it, A, the U.S.A., B, New Zealand, or C, Australia?
That's a hard one! But, I know the answer is C, Australia.
The animal can only be found in Australia. It's called a Wombat.
You win the blank airline ticket.
So now you can go anywhere you want in the world.
Thank you very much! I also want to thank my mom and dad. Love you guys.
So cute.
Okay, so, how did you know the answer, Fiona?
That's because I like cute animals.
OK, at the end of the program, let's review some of the questions and the answers from today.
So, Fiona, did you enjoy the topic we have today?
Yes, I enjoyed the game very much.
There are some amazing things and places around the world.
That's right. And I hope you guys have fun at home, too
Here's how to say good-bye in a few different languages!
See you next time!
さようなら! (Sa yo na ra)
Au revoir!


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