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  • - [Man] You take, you know, probably the worst turbulence

  • you've kind of experienced and multiple it by about 10,

  • and that's the potential that we're going into.

  • (light orchestral music)

  • - [Narrator] That's the voice of Justin Kibbey.

  • He's a pilot.

  • - [Justin] My job title says Hurricane Hunter pilot.

  • - [Narrator] Yeah, he flies planes through hurricanes.

  • It's all in the name of science.

  • He works for NOAA.

  • - [Justin] The National Oceanic

  • and Atmospheric Administration.

  • - [Narrator] These missions are for data gathering,

  • to track and study hurricane paths and movements.

  • But Justin Kibbey and I aren't talking about data.

  • We're talking about what it feels like

  • to fly an airplane through a hurricane.

  • (ominous orchestral music)

  • - [Justin] It starts to get cloudy.

  • And once you're in the storm,

  • you'll start to hear rain hitting the windscreen.

  • It can be very loud.

  • (rain falling and thunder rumbling)

  • It surrounds you, it surrounds the whole plane.

  • Probably the best way to describe it

  • is if you have ever lived in a house with a tin roof.

  • It's hard to hold a conversation inside.

  • - [Narrator] These are the conditions

  • Hurricane Hunters fly through

  • every time they go on a mission,

  • because the point of flying through a hurricane

  • is to fly through it and get to the eye.

  • And he was telling me about the first time he ever did that.

  • - [Justin] And that was 2010.

  • We were flying into Hurricane Earl.

  • - [Man] What's the latest information

  • we're getting about Earl, Chad?

  • - [Chad] 135 miles per hour and still getting stronger.

  • - [Justin] And then, I remember breaking out

  • into the eye of the storm.

  • Everything just kinda stopped.

  • Everything. The noise stopped, the lightning stopped.

  • It was pitch black out, you could see stars above you.

  • It was really beautiful, serene; it was quiet,

  • (soft piano music) and it was a holy shit moment.

  • What did we just do?

  • What just happened?

  • And a bolt of lightning lit up the entire outbound eye wall

  • where I could see it visually.

  • And all of a sudden, I was like,

  • "Oh man, that's gonna be scary." (laughing)

  • It was a rough ride on the way out,

  • but I'll never forget it.

  • It was probably one of the coolest that I've been on.

- [Man] You take, you know, probably the worst turbulence


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ハリケーンの中に飛んでいくようなもの (What It's Like to Fly Into a Hurricane)

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