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(Mispronouncing Disney names)
So, you are the new Aladdin.
I want to turn back the clock and see how well you remember the original Aladdin as well as some other Disney classics.
-We'll start off with an easy one. - Sure!
What does Abu try to steal from the Cave of Wonders?
A big jewel.
Perfect. What is Aladdin's official second wish?
When he gets saved underwater.
Prince. Become a prince, and then... oh, it ends up being him...Genie has to save him, right?
Actually, the Genie wish is his official second wish. But that's still officially his wish.
He doesn't actually wish it. The Genie wishes it for him, so I don't know if that's a trick question.
Yeah, definitely a trick question, but you got it!
You have to know this one. What is the name of Jasmine's pet tiger?
Oh, Rajah.
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh...
Rajah. - Mm-hmm.
Oh! Why am I blanking on this?!
Help me.
- Rajah. - Rajah! Thank you!
Who owns the magic lamp at the very beginning of the movie?
Damn, that's a good one. Is it the old man in the original animation, the one that introduces “Arabian Nights”?
Oh, the guy, the guy that's selling stuff. The narrator, right?
Oh, nice one.
- Thanks. Whew! - That one's kind of hard.
What is Jafar's official title?
- Vizier? - Mm-hmm.
- Vizier? Vizier. - Vizier.
Vizier. Vizier, there you go.
Vizier to the Sultan.
Now let's take it over to The Little Mermaid. Switch it up a little.
Oh, gosh! Oh, man. I'm going suck at this. OK.
What is the name of Ariel's underwater city?
No idea!
-Oh, uh, Atlantis? No. - So close.
- Atlantia?
- Atlantaca.
- The Grotto. No? - Atlantica.
Which character sings the theme song of Beauty and the Beast?
Is it the candle character?
Oh, Mrs. Potts.
- Oh! Mrs. Potts. - Nice.
Why was the Beast put under the spell?
Oh, man!
Something to do with vanity of some description?
No. He did something to the queen or something. I don't know. What was it?
- He rejected the women, the beggar woman. - Mm-hmm.
What age is the Beast when the spell is lifted?
OK, I'm going to go with...31.
- Thirty-three. - Twenty-one.
Twenty-one?! Oh, man. He seems a lot older than that.
Well, You did pretty good!
I don't think so, but I nailed the Aladdin ones, which I think is what is important.



『アラジン』キャストがディズニークイズに挑戦! (Naomi Scott & Mena Massoud Play Disney Movie Trivia | Bustle Cuts)

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