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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 124. The verb phrase today is to

  • take to something or to take to someone. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here.

  • All right. We have we have two definitions. The first one. If someone takes to someone or

  • something he or she starts to like someone or he starts to like a place.

  • That could be one meaning or number two. If someone takes to doing something. Okay.

  • He or she begins to make it a regular habit. All right. So let's look at several

  • examples here to cover this. Example number one. That child usually screams

  • when he goes to the doctor. But for some reason he took to this doctor and will

  • do whatever he says. So maybe I don't know for some reason he likes this

  • particular doctor. All the other doctors he is like (screaming sounds) and then suddenly with this

  • doctor. He's like "yes" What can I do ? Okay. No problem. So he took to one. He , he

  • liked him for some reason. Okay. Number two. I had a temporary job in

  • that city. After living there I really took to that city, so I decided to move

  • there permanently. Meaning that he really started to like that city and maybe he

  • wanted to you know be there all the time. So he moved there permanently. He took to

  • that city. Okay. Good. So of course this is a place

  • in this situation. Number three. He really likes that breakfast shop and he took to

  • going there every morning. So this is the like the second one where you take to

  • doing something you make a habit out of it. So he took to going to that breakfast

  • place every morning because I don't know maybe they they made the breakfast just

  • the way he liked. Maybe the food was good the price was right.

  • So he made a habit out of it . He took to going there every day. Okay. Anyway, I hope

  • you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 124. The verb phrase today is to


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英語講師Nick P動詞句 (124) Take to someone or Something (誰かに、または何かに連れて行く) (English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (124) Take to someone or Something)

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