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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 134. The proverb today is throw good money after
bad. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. The proverb is often used in the
negative. When someone is warning other people don't throw good money after bad.
All right. Let's, let's look at the meanings here. The proverb is basically
warning someone not to try to recoup... recoup means to get back your losses by
spending more money on the same thing. Now there could be some exceptions.
Sometimes it could just be a temporary drop in the price of something. Actually
that's what ends up happening. This is this is the mistake a lot of people make.
They think it's just a temporary drop and they think hey maybe it's a good
buying opportunity. So they put a lot more and they were not right . It just
continued to go down and down and down So this is trying to warn you not to do
that. So try to recoup more money on the
same thing. It can also mean to waste additional money after wasting money at
least once before. So we say you're throwing good money after bad. All right.
So let's look at the first example here. Jack tried to recoup his losses on that
stock by doubling down. Now remember if you double down like the stock goes down a lot
and you I lost a lot of money. I got to make up that money and then you think
well it's probably going to go back up or at least go back up to the price I've
bought it at and then you think you can make money by buying more now You still..
Usually this person still has faith in that stock, but if you're wrong you're
making even a bigger mistake. You already lost money but you can lose even more . So
but in the end he only ended up throwing good money after bad
because that stock continued to decline further. It kept going down and down and
down. So this is what people are warning you about trying , not to do, You might be better
off to just take the loss on that one, And if you think another stock is more of
a sure bet put the same money into that. Maybe, maybe
your chance of gaining back more money will be better that way.
All right. Let's look at number two. Even though most solar and wind companies
end up going bankrupt. Yeah. Yery few of them make money and they usually only
last for a few years, Most of them I don't want to say every one but most of
them end up losing money and going bankrupt and going out. Many governments
still throw good money after bad and continue to invest in them, So even
though they're not proven to make money, they're actually kind of proven to lose
money and lose a lot and sometimes government subsidized them as well.
It's trying to help the industry to go or to grow, get better but they you know,
as of yet there's... they're very, very few are actually profitable. So in this sense,
we might say that they're throwing good money after bad. At least if they want to
get money back. All right. Number three. John tried to save his record store
after the Internet downloading became popular, but he ended up throwing good
money after bad because the trend was for people to get their music from the
Internet and most record stores eventually went bankrupt. So here maybe
for personal reasons he loved his store. If you want to save it but you know when
you could kind of see the way the trend is going and the chances of you
surviving is very little and trying to put more money into it it's probably not
a good idea. Maybe it's better to go in a different direction
Open a different business or something because most of those record stores were
not survivable after that. Even some of the big-name record stores ended up
going bankrupt. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it's clear. Thank you for
your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Proverbs (134) Throw Good Money After Bad

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