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  • We have to be thankful that we are alive today and not a few thousand years ago because all

  • what our ancestors ever did is survive.

  • You would get up and spend your entire day just finding food, that was, in short, the

  • meaning of life.

  • But as we have progressed, we have created tools to make our lives easier.

  • But even then we didn't really have much free time, because, even 200 years ago, life was

  • quite difficult and if you ever had free time, all that mattered was to drink and relax.

  • But today, in the information age, technology has advanced so much that we literally have

  • a ton of free time.

  • It might not seem like that, because you are wasting it on distractions like social media,

  • Netflix, alcohol, pornography and so on.

  • if you just count the number of hours that you actually work, you will be surprised by

  • how much free time you really have.

  • Instead of wasting it on these useless things, here are 3 things to spend your time on, not

  • only because you will have a lot of fun but they make yourlife so much better.

  • 1.

  • Networking

  • Meeting new people is always fun.

  • Some of the most incredible people the I have met in life were in the most unexpected places.

  • Most people have 2 or 3 friends that they spend their entire time with and imagine the

  • rest of the world to be the same.

  • But it's not, the world is filled with nice and talented people, who can add great value

  • into your life.

  • of course, getting into streets and meeting strange people is quite awkward, that's

  • why they are networking events.

  • There are definitely a ton of things going in your city where you can meetmany great

  • cool people.

  • , you just have to put a little effort to find them.

  • Even the idea for this youtube channel actually came from someone I met in a marathon I went

  • to run.

  • He just told me, I have enjoyed talking to you, you are filled with a lot of great and

  • positive ideas, you should share with the world.

  • And On my way home, I thought about what he said and this channel was created.

  • 2.

  • Workout

  • People really don't realize how big of an impact working out can have on your life.

  • If you actively go to the gym or exercise, you perfectly know what I am talking about.

  • Yes, of course, it has health benefits, but it's much more than that, it literally energizes

  • you for the entire day, it freshes your mind, boosts your mood and confidence, and reduces

  • stress!

  • Whether you like it or not, attractive people have the advantage over others because they

  • naturally give a positive impression about themselves.

  • Don't we all like to deal with people who look nice and attractive?

  • In fact, we often think that attractive people are smarter and more successful even if that's

  • not the case.

  • Of course, You cant chose your genetics, that's completely out of your hands, but what you

  • can do is be in shape.

  • Exercise makes you look younger, healthier, improves your skin, clears your Wrinkles.

  • And if you are losing hair, it helps with hair growth as well.

  • 3.

  • And lastly, read a book.

  • In this digital age, no one really likes reading because you can simply watch a video but keep

  • in mind that youtube and most of the content that's produced on the internet is more of

  • an entertainment than education.

  • Often they are not properly researched and are targeted to grab your attention for a

  • brief moment.

  • On the other hand, books, at least most of them are deeply researched and are intended

  • to deliver to you real information and not just entertain you.

  • Because most people nowadays dont read.

  • by simply reading one book a month, you will be ahead of everyone else in every aspect

  • of life.

  • Sometimes all that it takes is one great book to learn everything you need about money,

  • stock market, dating or anything else.

  • But keep in mind that, You don't have to read every book page to page, just read whatever

  • you are interested in.

  • I will put a list of my favorite books in the description, something you can start with.

  • These are the 3 things that I mostly spend my free time on because they make my life

  • constantly better.

  • and now why dont you let me know what do you do in your free time.

  • I am really curious to know. and yes I do read all of your comments.

  • Anyways, Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one.

We have to be thankful that we are alive today and not a few thousand years ago because all


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