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- Alright, crazy story you guys.
As you can see, we're at the airport.
That is because we've
taken a last minute flight

to Deadman's Cay, which is on Long Island.
- Sounds reasonably
foreboding, doesn't it?

- It does.
We've taken the boat to a safe place,
so, she's gonna be okay for
the week that we're gone

because there is a free
diving competition.

- Us, on the other hand at Deadman's Cay.
- Yeah, who knows what's
gonna happen there?

So there's a free diving competition there
called Vertical Blue,
and Riley's been in contact
with a guy called Adam

who is Australian, and he's gonna be there
and he said that we should come
and hang out and see what's goin' on there
and it would be pretty
interesting to see the Blue Hole.

You guys will know the Blue Hole.
It's pretty famous and I'm excited to
jump in the water and
see what it looks like.

So that's where we're going.
Are you excited?
- I am.
I get to meet Adam; Adam Stern,
the Australian free dive
champion and all-around legend.

And also I'm gonna jump in
and see how deep I can go
with a little bit of instruction from him.
I'm sure it'll be reasonable.
So that'll be good.
(relaxing music)
(bird singing)
- I do not like these planes, one bit.
- [Riley] Yes, this is in
fact the Long Island airport.

Apparently it's recently been extended
which the locals are very happy about.
This is Marsha.
- Hi, I'm Marsha, I'm a
native from Long Island.

- [Riley] She was going
to take us to our Airbnb

which apparently was quite
hard to find by ourselves.

And this is Mr. T from
the car rentals place.

They're death traps,
but he was pretty funny

and we liked him.
- Mr. T.!

(gentle music)
- [Elayna] So our house is a
little off the beaten track.

This view is insane.
- [Riley] This was our pad
that we'd managed to snag on Airbnb.
It was cheap, maybe because she'd said
no hot water and no drinking water,
but we were like, hey, we live on a boat
and that's not really gonna be a problem.
We were the last house along the road
with miles of freedom, goats,
and a view over the cliffs
to the Atlantic swell.

(relaxing music)
- Oh, okay.
- [Elayna] Wow, this is really nice.
- You wanna open up the windows.
Because of the storm,
the only way they stay
up is by using this.

Open this door up.
And that's the view.
- This is ridiculous!
This is so nice.
What have we got?
Down here.
- [Elayna] What is that?
- [Riley] Look at all the frogs.
- [Elayna] Oh, there's frogs.
Cute, hey!
- [Riley] Look at this guy.
- [Elayna] Where?
(relaxing music)
- [Riley] Marsha got us
settled into the house

and we hit the sack
pretty early that night.

- [Elayna] She's done it.
- Well done.
This coffee?
- [Elayna] Yeah.
- Oh.
- [Elayna] I made it all by myself.
- I'm really happy for ya (laughs).
- [Elayna] It's out of this weird machine.
- [Riley] I've seen you do more
impressive things in the past though.
- Well, I'm pretty impressed with myself.
I went for a walk this morning.
It was beautiful
and I went down to the beach
that Riley and I plan to go swimming in
and I was pretty disappointed to see
mountains of plastic everywhere.
The whole beach was just covered.
So, I guess it's coming
straight from the Atlantic and-

- [Riley] How bad is it?
- [Elayna] It's pretty bad.
I'll show you.
What are you doing?
Those frogs were so
loud last night in bed,

you would not believe
and I forgot to bring earplugs
and I had a terrible sleep (laughing).
It's nice to listen to
them, like, you know.

It is a beautiful sound,
but just not all night.
- Try and keep it down
tomorrow night, alright?

- [Elayna] Seriously, and once one starts,
they all start.
Get my shoe out of there.
- What shall we feed them?
(frogs croaking)
(Riley laughing)

- So today we're meeting
up with Adam and Erin

and some other friends at the Blue Hole,
so we're gonna see it for the
first time today, lunchtime.

Really excited, but before
then we need to try and find

the mini market and stock up the fridge
because we are on our last
rations of fresh water

that Marsha gave us
and, yeah, luckily I bought some
pre-made healthy hot chocolates with me
so I'm having that for breakfast.
But yeah, we need to get some supplies.
- [Riley] Oh my God.
- [Elayna] Crabs everywhere.
Oh my gosh, do not!
- Oh, he's strong!

- [Elayna] Is he?
- [Riley] Yeah.

And he's tryna...
- [Elayna] (laughing) Alright,
alright that's close enough.

I got him, put him down.
(Riley laughing)
- What are these things?
What are they again?
Let's get one.
(gentle music)
- Do you remember when that person rode in
and said that we're like chipmunks
scurrying around-
- [Elayna] Well we seem on
the hunt for food, yeah.

As you can see we are pretty hungry
and you're not gonna believe it
but we forgot to buy water
which is the whole reason
we went there, really.

Oh yeah.
(Riley laughing)
- Oh my god!
This car just all of a sudden
out of absolutely nowhere,
the radio just turns itself on
and then up to a level
that has clearly scarred Elayna and I.
That's the second time that's done it.
We're really tryna film it; it's insane.
I remember seeing a movie years ago
where there was this weird
experiment being done

and everyone in a World War 2 setting
and everyone died from these loud noises.
It's so horrendously loud,
I nearly crashed the car the first time.
And just then, it turned itself on
and Elayna and I both
just started panicking.

I put the indicator on,
slammed the brakes on,

and fortunately she got to it
before it got to peak volume
because it is, I'm sure
that it would do damage.

If we had the kid in the
back, the child, the baby

who we love, it'd just be a disaster.
- [Elayna] So we can't turn it off.
We can't figure out how to turn it off.
There's no off button on the whole thing,
and I'm scared to push more buttons but-
- I blame the student representatives.
- [Elayna] What are you doing?
- Tying my hair up
with a leaf.
- Twig.

All right, so who have we got here?
- G'day, g'day, I'm Adam.
I'm an Australian competitive free diver
and oh, there he is.
Hair tie!
- [Elayna] Really?
- See what you can find

on the beach?
- So I'm here competing in
a competition in the Bahamas

and Riley and Elayna are
obviously in the neighbourhood

so they figured they'd come around
and check out what we're doing.
- [Riley] Thanks for showing
us everything here, mate.

We really appreciate it.
- Pleasure, absolute pleasure.
- [Elayna] Thanks for your hospitality.
- They're super hard people to be around
so it makes it really
hard to be hospitable.

- She's a wonderful editor (laughs).
Adam's got a YouTube
channel and he's huge on

Instagram, so please go and
check all that stuff out.

- [Elayna] Great photographs.
This is Dean's Blue Hole.
It's the deepest blue hole in the world
with a depth of 202 metres, or 663 feet.
The hole is populated by
snapper, jacks, tarpon,

rays, turtles and tiny sea horses
and the occasional shark.
It's still unknown how
it was formed exactly,

but it's said that the
blue holes in the Bahamas

formed somewhere around 15,000 years ago
when the sea levels were lower.
Sometimes these holes were
formed by deeper ground water

gradually dissolving the limestone
until the ceiling of
these voids collapsed.

The competition runs over 11 days
and today was a rest day
for all the competitors,

although some still came down
to the blue hole to practise.

We were lucky enough to
have a free day with Adam

in the water to practise on the platform.
(relaxing music)
You've changed outfits.
It's a bit chilly.
- Good shit!
- The second he caught
them he regretted it

cause he didn't-
- [Elayna] He's a hungry boy.
- I'm really happy.
- [Elayna] You're nearly done.
I filmed too late.
- Look at those guys piggin' out here.
- So Erin and Adam have
taken us to Love Beach.

That's where we are now.
It's very romantic and
Riley forgot his shorts.

Apparently he's going nude, you guys.
- [Elayna] This is Love Beach,
the protected pool of water

with only a tiny inlet to the open sea,
located in a secret spot
which we wouldn't have been

able to find by ourselves.
(relaxing guitar music)
- Come on.
- Thanks for watching, you guys.
Please join us on Friday for part two,
the competition and the after party.
- If you like that video guys,
please give it a thumbs up
as you know that helps us out a lot
and first thing in the description
on the very first line,
we'll have a link to
Adam's YouTube channel

so go and follow him as well
because he really knows how to freedive
and he laughs a lot.
He actually makes me think that I'm funny
and like Elayna said,
the second half of this

will be up, when?
- Friday.
- Friday, cool.

Okay, enjoy the rest of your day.


Freediving The Deepest Blue Hole In The World! Ep. 174

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