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  • Hello, I am Pheona. 哈囉,我是Pheona

  • Hello, I am Harold. 哈囉,我是Harold

  • Welcome to Hot English Classroom. 歡迎來到哈英語教室

  • Harold, have you ever been to Liouying? Rian,你去過柳營嗎?

  • Of course. Lots of cows there. I even took the sugar train. 有啊!那裡養好多牛喔!我也搭過五分車!

  • Cool, so you must have heard of Wu Jin-Huai Memorial Hall. 酷!這樣你應該知道吳晉淮音樂紀念館囉?

  • I know who Wu Jin Huai is. They talked about him during the ride on the sugar train, 吳晉淮我知道啊!我們搭五分車就有介紹他,

  • but I haven't been to the memorial hall. 但是紀念館我沒去過耶

  • There are plenty of interactive museum guides 那裡有很多 互動式的導覽

  • that give you an insight into Wu Jin Huai's composing and singing career. 介紹吳晉淮作曲與演唱的歷程喔

  • Very interesting! 非常有趣喔

  • Visitors will definitely learn a lot about the history of Taiwanese music. 從那裡一定能知道許多台語歌曲發展的歷史。

  • Is there any other recommended spot in Liouying? 對了,柳營還有其他推薦的景點嗎?

  • For an architecture buff like you, Liu Chi-Hiang Memorial Hall is not to be missed. 喜歡建築的你,也不要錯過劉啟祥美術紀念館喔!

  • What's so special about it? 有什麼特別的嗎?

  • The memorial hall itself is the renovation of the former residence of the painter Liu Chi-Hiang. You would appreciate this unique Western mansion of its days. 這是將畫家劉啟祥的故居修復後成立的紀念館,可以看到具有特色的洋樓

  • Western mansion? 洋樓?

  • Yes, it is a two-story building, in which the painter's works are on display. 對啊!有兩層樓。館內可以看到畫家的作品喔!

  • You could even rest your weary feet in the studio-converted café next door. 逛累了,旁邊還有畫室改建的咖啡館

  • This is a must! I cannot live without coffee. 這個我真的非常需要!沒有咖啡不行!

  • Oh, there is another spot you should definitely pay a visitGuoyi Community. 對了,還有一個地方我也非常推薦!果毅社區

  • Tell me more about it. 怎麼說呢?

  • Signing up for a local tour organized by Guoyi Community 參加果毅社區的小旅行,

  • allows you to visit the straw mushroom farm with a professional guide, 有專人導覽,可以參觀草菇寮

  • who tells the stories of Liouying, 還能聽到柳營的故事

  • so that you could know even more about this town. 你就可以更深入地了解柳營喔!

  • What a great idea! 這是個好建議!

  • Okay, let's review the new words for today! 好喔!讓我們來複習今天的單字吧!

  • Let's review! 一起來複習!

  • Liouying 柳營

  • memorial hall 紀念館

  • interactive 互動式

  • compose 作曲

  • former residence 故居

  • renovation 修復

  • Western mansion 洋樓

  • studio 畫室

  • museum guide 導覽

  • straw mushroom farm 草菇寮

  • Have you remembered them all? 都記起來了嗎?

  • I've got them all remembered. 我都記起來了

  • See you next time onHot English Classroom”! 英語小教室,下次見囉!

Hello, I am Pheona. 哈囉,我是Pheona


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