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Hey! Folks, it's David here! 嘿! 大家好,我是David!
This is the historic Jintang Temple of Jiali District. 這裡是佳里區金唐殿
Now, if you're a fan of historic or heritage buildings, 如果大家喜歡歷史建築或遺跡的話
it's the place to check out. 來這裡準沒錯
Let's go and explore! 現在就一起去看看吧!
Welcome to Jintang Temple. 歡迎來到金唐殿
I'm Chang Ming-chung. 我是張明忠
I'm a lifetime volunteer of Jintang Temple. 是金唐殿的終身義工
Here we have Mr. Chang, 我們邀請到張老師
who is a local historian. 他是一位在地史學工作者
He knows everything about Jintang Temple. 對金唐殿的一切瞭若指掌
So let's ask him a few questions. 我們來問他幾個問題
Hello, Mr. Chang! 張老師好!
Hello! Everyone! 你好!大家好!
In the fifth year of Xianfeng's reign in the Qing Dynasty, 清朝咸豐五年的時候
Jintang Temple invited 當時的金唐殿
pottery Yeh Wang to help with the construction of the temple. 聘請交趾陶藝師葉王來建廟
The temple is now more than 160 years old. 至今有一百六十幾年
In 1928, 在民國17年 (日本昭和三年)時
most of Yeh's Koji Pottery creations in the temple 葉王的交趾陶
had been destroyed 已經破壞很多了
and a restoration was in need, 需要整修
so craftsman Chinlung Ho was invited to take charge of the work. 所以聘請廣東潮州汕頭的何金龍來整修
That was over 90 years ago. 到現在已經超過90年了
The ceramic collages of Ho Chin-lung featured 何金龍的剪黏 最大的特色是
gold foil painting, 金箔彩繪
and the vivid facial expressions of the figures he created 再者 人物的表情是直接
were composed by pasting fragments of ceramic bowls. 用碗剪出 非常生動
In addition, the feathers of the birds, the generals, 此外禽類的羽毛 武將
and the colorful ribbons on the flags 和靠旗上的彩色飄帶
were all delicate. 都做得非常細緻
From these features, we can easily recognize 透過這幾點特色我們就能知道
the works of Ho Chin-lung and his apprentices. 這是何金龍及其弟子的作品
The event Xiaolong Xiangke held by Jintang Temple 金唐殿的「蕭壠香五朝王醮大典」
was listed as a recognized folk activity of Tainan in 2009. 在2009年登錄為市定民俗
In addition, Xiaolong Xiangke takes place once every three years. 蕭壠香三年舉辦一次
If you're interested in the tradition of worshipping the gods of plague, 對瘟王祭有興趣的朋友們
don't miss it out. 不要錯過喔
There are many local snacks nearby Jintang Temple. 金唐殿附近有許多小吃
Let's go check it out, David! David快帶我們去品嚐美食吧!
Jintang Temple can be considered as the historical center of Jiali District. 金唐殿可以說是佳里區的歷史中心
In the morning, there's always a lively morning market 每天早晨都可以看到非常熱鬧的市集
where you can find fresh veggies, fish, and meat. 可以買到新鮮的蔬菜和魚肉
If you walk and stand out along the streets surrounding the temple, 大家走在金唐殿附近的街上
you'll find many, many fantastic snacks or local cuisines. 可以找到很多很多 非常美味的零嘴和在地小吃
We arrived at the century-old vendor. 我們來到這家百年老店
They specialize in chittlin congee 這裡專賣大腸粥
and all sorts of chittlin-related dishes. 和各種豬腸料理
And this one is their sticky rice sausage. 這一道是米腸
It's sausage stuffed with sticky rice and peanuts. 在豬大腸中塞入糯米和花生
And this pink stuff here is actually sausage 而這道粉紅色的菜則是粉腸
stuffed with a type of red rice yeast infused with meat. 在豬大腸中塞入紅麴米和肉
This is a typical southern dish. 這是一道經典的南部小吃
I don't think you can find this in northern Taiwan. 我想在北臺灣應該吃不到
It's endemic to southern Taiwan. 是南臺灣特有的小吃
Let's dig in! 來嚐嚐看吧!
Lovely texture. 口感非常特別
It's very springy, the chittlin. 大腸本身很有彈性
It gives out a very pleasant taste and aroma. 整體吃起來 味道和香氣都非常棒
For those who don't know it, 跟大家介紹一下
chittlins are basically pork intestines, 大腸就是豬的腸子
but hey, don't let the picture off. 但別被嚇到了
It's actually a good stuff. 真的很好吃
Round 2! Let's try the sticky rice sausage. 第二回合!我們來嚐嚐米腸
You know, sticky rice sausages are pretty common 其實米腸非常常見
in Taiwan in almost everywhere, 在臺灣各地都能吃得到
but this one is massive. 但這一家的米腸特別大
Look at the size of that. 看看這片米腸
Huge. 真的超大
Let's give it a shot. 來吃吃看
The thing I love about this chittlin sausage is actually that 這個粉腸有一點我很喜歡
you can still taste the Shaoxing liquor in the sausages. 裡頭可以嚐到紹興酒的味道
And it gives a very special kick. 後勁很特別
To be honest, this is my first time having chittlin congee. 老實說,這次我第一次吃大腸粥
Most of the time, you see chittlin vermicelli on the street, 通常在路上看到的都是大腸麵線
so this is definitely the first time for me. 大腸粥真的是第一次嘗試
I think I'll come back. 我想我會再來光顧
You know, the temples and old houses of Jiali 佳里的廟宇和老房子
are like time capsules for traditional arts 就像是時空膠囊一樣
and crafts and architecture. 保存著傳統的藝術、工藝和建築
Besides, there is tons of food on the street for you to try. 除此之外,這裡還有各式各樣的美食等著你來品嚐
Next you're in Jiali, 下次來到佳里
don't miss out on these culinary and cultural treasures. 千萬別錯過這裡的美食和文化珍寶囉!


Hot Tainan EP4. Jintang Temple

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Hot Tainan 哈臺南 2019 年 6 月 14 日 に公開
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