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You don't know about that backpack life
until you've lived that backpack life.

Hello, sistas!
This video is going to be on what's in my backpack.
It's basically like a what's in my purse,
except what's in my backpack,

because lately, your sista has been
wearing backpacks.

And ever since the past two months,
I've started wearing backpacks, and I
finally realized

why people wear backpacks because it is
definitely life changing.

And I would highly encourage all of you
girls out there that's about that

purse life, you should try to use the
backpack life like,

you know, a few times out of the week
because it really helps your shoulders.

So anyways this is my backpack.
Right here, very simple.
This one is from ThreadSence, but
I believe you can find backpacks like this

I mean, they have cute ones like this from

So I'm just gonna start with showing you
guys everything in my backpack and

in no particular order.
I'm just gonna grab whatever I see first.
Also, if you guys are hearing a lot of
trucks and

cars passing by, that's because
there are a lot of trucks and cars passing
by outside.

Okay, so first things first, my planner is
the realest.


this is my Kate's Date Complaint, blah,
blah, blah.


this is my Kate Spade planner, and girl.
Call me old-school but I aint about using
the planner on my phone.

Yeah, I don't know, I have to physically
write things down for

me to remember to do things.
And also I like to be able to check things
off versus like,

deleting things off my phone.
So, yeah, I am old-school and I love me a

Next thing, the bad thing about this
planner is that there's not a lot of

pages for you to like, take notes on,
so I like to carry around this notebook.
This one is really nice and light so
I can just carry it in my backpack because
this planner is already kinda heavy.

I also said this is probably like, I don't
know, one pound.

So I just carry this one.
This is just a paperback one from Rifle

And Co, and Company.
I love their stuff, like, they have the
cutest stationery stuff, so

yeah, I just like to keep this notebook in
here, and it just has blank pages on it,

and I like to doodle or take notes
whenever I need to.

I have a pen, because of course, if you
have notebooks and stuff you need

something to write things down, so the pen
I have in this one is from Pilot.

It's one of those erasable pens; I don't
like crossing things out,

I don't like whiting out things, I want it
to be perfecto.

So erasable pens is the way to go.
Okay so another thing that I have in here

A girls gotta have her snacks.
I am not the breakfast type of person like
I don't know I used to

be all about breakfast like when I wake up
I can seriously eat a steak.

But ever since I started living on my own

ain't nobody making me breakfast.
I kind of got into this habit
where I don't eat breakfast anymore.

And throughout the day, like, girl, I be

If I'm hungry, it's a bad day.
So always gotta have the snack.

The snacks I have today-
I like to pack them in these little
Ziplock baggies.

Both of these snacks are from Naturebox,

you guys heard me talk about Naturebox
like, so many times already,

but girl, I am all about their snacks, and
they are so good, and they're all natural.

So, if you ever like, flip the bag around
for Naturebox snacks,

you can actually pronounce every single
ingredient up in there.

But, like I said, all their snacks are
natural with zero trans fat, and

zero high fructose corn syrup, which is really important.
Also Nature Box snacks are non-gmo, a lot
of them are very low in sugar and

they also have ones that are gluten free.
So snacks I have in my backpack today is
the Zesty Noodle Crunch which is like,

little noodles with like roasted nuts in

This one is really good and has some kind

seeds in here, I don't know exactly what's
all up in here but

this one is really good and it's savory.
The other one I have is the peanut butter

jelly granola and man this one... So good.
What is going on with the lighting?
So if you guys would like a free sampler
box of nature box snacks,

just use my link which is

OK now on to the rest of me backpack.
Let's see what I got.
So I have my vlogging camera, this is the
Nikon what is this one?

I don't know, oh, this is the Nikon
Coolpix P330.

Everything about this camera annoys me
besides the quality, like the quality is

amazing but it takes forever to start and
it also sucks with focusing.

And what else.The battery life is really
short so

overall I don't really recommend this

I mean, unless you can deal with that.
I mean, it's a good camera because the
quality is amazing.

But I, I dunno I don't really like it.
As for my make up, I don't really like to
bring a lot of make up

with me because whenever I do my makeup in
the morning, I tend to use things that

are very long lasting so I don't have to
worry about touching up my makeup because

I hate doing that.
I hate touching up my makeup throughout
the day.

So, yeah, the only things I really bring
with me is a concealer,

because I tend to blow my nose a lot.
And then I just like to bring a powder
with me.

This is the L'Oreal True Match.
And then I have my lip balm.
This is the Amore or Amore Pacific
moisture bound lip treatment.

Love, love, love this lip balm.
If you guys are curious what's on my lips

This is the Too Faced Perfect Spice Lip Liner.

Love this, that's what I have on my lips
right now.

Next thing that I have is a tampon
because, yeah.

Speaking of girly things, I just did a
video on birth control.

So I'm gonna link it right here for
you guys if you guys would like to learn
more about birth control.

And yeah, I have been on my period
for three weeks now, and if you wanna know
why, you check out that video.

I will link it right here.
Okay, now moving on to my wallet, I just
have a very basic wallet.

This one is by Kimchi Blue.
I got it from Urban Outfitters.
It was really cheap.
I think it was only like.
Twenty bucks or something?
But yeah, I've had this for a few years
already and

it's like one of those three, like the
tri-fold wallets, and

it has like a bunch of card holders like
right up here in the front.

Yeah that's it my wallet.
Nothing really special about it.
There's my wallet.
Next thing I'd like to bring around is my
phone charger.

This is my portable phone charger.
Even though I took the USB out to use it
last night.

But yeah, these things, I got this one
from Groupon and

it was only like ten bucks.
So I'd highly recommend you guys do go on
Groupon if you want a portable charger.

You just have to remember, though, to
charge this thingy at night so

that there's actually battery in it when
you need to use it.

Next thing I have is my little perfume;
this is so darn cute, and

it smells amazing.
This is from Urban Outfitters.
Oh, you know what?
This smells like Pantene.
Actually, this smells like Pantene.
Love this little fragrance, it's like a
balm, it's like a balm and

you just roll it on.
It's so discreet how it doesn't even seem
like you're putting on

perfume or maybe it does.
Next thing you have my strawberry and this
thing is so cool and

I'll show you why, okay?
Some retailers charge for bags and you
basically just open up this strawberry.

And babam, there is a bag.
If you just stuff everything back in,
tighten the drawstring, and tadaa.

This is like the best invention.
Got my floss, because you don't want to be
talking to someone

with something in your teeth.
Because not cute.
So that concludes it for this video.
I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what is in
my back pack.

Be sure to leave a comment down below
about what kind of video you would like to

see from me next.
And I'm serious.
I'm not just saying this.
I really mean it.
Like, girl you better comment down below
and let me know what you wanna see next,

because I honestly don't know what you
guys wanna see.

[LAUGH] So yea, you gotta communicate with
me home girl.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel if you
haven't already and

like this video if you had fun watching

And I will see you guys in...
me next video, okay bye!
I hate saying bye because I'm awkward same
with saying hello and

bye, bye is kinda awkward too okay bye.
And as if you weren't already
procrastinating on YouTube,

I have two more videos for you.
So that's the birth control video I was
talking about, and in case you

really wanna procrastinate, I have a
thirty minute vlog on my vlog channel.

Okay, really?
Did my dog have to bark after I just
nailed that outro?

Stop it.
Stop crying.
It's just a squirrel.
Okay, bye.


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