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If you have a sweet tooth, you have to visit New York.
The city that never sleeps has a crazy amount of choices to fix your dessert cravings.
We went exploring and tasted some of our favorite cookies, cakes, and desserts in the Big Apple.
Let's eat!
Levain Bakery might make the best cookie on the planet.
The popular bakery has multiple spots in New York, and sells different types of cookies and breads.
But they are most famous for their chocolate chip walnut cookie.
The cookies are made fresh every day from a super secret recipe.
And have that perfect, gooey center that cookie lovers come back for time after time.
If you have a sweet spot for pickles, this one is for you.
Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. makes an actual pickle soft serve.
The ice cream itself mostly consists of pressed cucumber juice, with a hint of pickle brine.
However, the toasted pickle chips give the soft serve a real intense pickle kick.
Okay, you definitely need to bring some friends to eat this one.
But Milk Bar's Birthday Cake is a must try.
The cake is full of vanilla, rainbow sprinkles, cake crumbs, and vanilla frosting, and took the Milk Bar team three years to perfect.
Now it can be your birthday every day!
Korean restaurant, Oiji, makes one of the most interesting desserts in New York.
Honey butter flavors are very popular in Korea, and Oiji's honey butter chips are super crispy and drenched in their homemade, sticky honey sauce.
They're a perfect balance of savory, sweet, and spicy, and pair wonderfully with the vanilla ice cream.
The banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery is known as one of the best desserts in the city.
It's so good that even people who don't like bananas can't stop eating it.
The pudding consists of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas, vanilla pudding, sweet condensed milk, and heavy cream.
It makes the dish silky smooth, delicate, and super tasty.
To end it all, you can't come to New York without eating a really good doughnut.
And the Crème Brûlée Doughnut at Doughnut Plant will hit the spot perfectly.
The pastry is a unique take on the classic doughnut and is filled with their signature vanilla bean custard.
To top it off, they torch the sugary coating on top, which makes it highly sticky and super delicious.



ニューヨークで大人気のスイーツを紹介!ピクルス風味のアイスクリーム登場!(Best Desserts in New York City! Featuring Pickle Ice-Cream!)

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