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  • So what, what advice do I have for college graduates?

    だから何だ、どんなアドバイスがあるんだ? 大卒者向け?

  • Certainly, I do want you to apply for a job at solar city or Tesla or SpaceX

    確かに、申請してほしいのは ソーラーシティやテスラやスペースXの仕事

  • and


  • if not then, if that doesn't work for whatever reason then

    さもなくば 然る事ながら

  • apply to jobs at other companies in that arena or

    求人に応募する 同業他社

  • try starting a company.


  • If you study engineering and you figure out how to design new things

    工学を勉強していて 工夫を凝らす

  • then it's relatively easy to start a company


  • you just need to get a few like-minded people


  • with you.


  • I have to say that the space business is quite


  • it's quite hard to start a company in space business

    を始めるのはかなり難しい 宇宙企業

  • because it's such a capital intensive business


  • So it may be better to do something in Solar power

    の方が良いかもしれません。 太陽光発電の何か

  • or if you're gonna do it in cars


  • do it in, as kind of a component supplier for cars or something like that.

    コンポーネントサプライヤーのようなものとして、それを行う 車とかのために

  • Musk has college degrees in business and physics

    ムスクには大学の学位がある ビジネスと物理学の分野で

  • but SpaceX is his first venture in aerospace.


  • How did you get the expertise to be the chief technology officer of a rocket ship company?

    チーフになるためのノウハウをどうやって手に入れたのか ロケット船会社の技術責任者?

  • Well, I do have a physics background, that's helpful as a foundation

    物理学の知識はある それはそれでいい

  • and then I read a lot of books and talked to a lot of, lot of smart people.

    と言って、たくさんの本を読んで たくさんの賢い人たちと話をしました。

  • don't just follow the trend


  • you may have heard me say


  • that it's good to think in terms of the physics approach of first principles

    という観点で考えると良いと思います。 第一原理物理学的アプローチ

  • which is rather than reasoning by analogy


  • you boil things down to the most fundamental truths you can imagine

    肝心なところでは 想像できる根本的な真理

  • and you reason up from there


  • and this is a good way to figure out if


  • if something really makes sense


  • or if it's just what everybody else is doing


  • and it's hard to think that way, you can't think- think that way about everything

    と考えるのは難しいですし、そのように考えるのは そう考える

  • it takes a lot of effort


  • but if you're trying to do something new it's the best way to think

    でも、何かをしようとしているのであれば 考え方としては新しければいい

  • and that framework was developed by physicists

    そして、その枠組みは 物理学者が開発した

  • to figure out counterintuitive things like quantum mechanics.

    突き詰めるために 量子力学のようなもの

  • So it's really a powerful powerful method.

    ということで、本当にパワフルな 強力な方法です。

  • And I want to know what is the one thing that has surprised you about your life?

    そして、私が知りたいのは あなたの人生で驚いたことは?

  • Well, I simply I'm surprised about the whole thing honestly

    まあ、私は単に私が驚いている 肝心なところでは

  • I certainly didn't expect to be, to be, for any of these things to happen, honestly

    私は確かに期待していませんでした。 こういったことが起こると、正直言って

  • Yeah, I just you know, I know I wanted to be involved in technology

    ああ、俺はただ...俺が欲しかったのは分かっている ぎじゅつにかかわる

  • and


  • in fact the only reason I started a company back in 95

    実は私が 遡ること95年

  • an internet company was because I couldn't get it

    インターネット会社は 手に入らなかったから

  • there were only a few internet companies and I couldn't get a job at any of them

    インターネット会社は数社しかなかった で、どこにも就職できなかったのですが

  • I tried to get a job at at Netscape and I sent my resume

    で就職しようとしました。 ネットスケープと履歴書を送ってみた

  • and I tried hanging out in the lobby, but I was too shy to talk to anyone

    とロビーでうろうろしてみました。 でも誰かに話すのは恥ずかしかった

  • and it was like okay, well I guess I'll have to start a company

    それは、まあ、そうだな、という感じでした。 会社を設立しなければならない

  • cause I can't get a job anywhere.


  • thank you


  • I wouldn't say I'm fearless


  • in fact I I think I fear, I feel fear quite strongly

    実際、私は私が恐れていると思います。 恐怖をかなり強く感じる

  • but I


  • if the


  • if what we're doing isn't


  • if what I'm doing I think is important enough then I just override the fear

    自分が大事だと思うことなら 恐怖を乗り越えるのに十分なほど

  • so, but it's not as though I don't fear, I feel fear like more stronger than I would like.

    そうなんですが、怖くないわけではないような気がします。 私が望む以上に強い恐怖のように

  • I think also people tend to overweight risk on a personal level

    また、人の傾向として 個人レベルでの太りすぎリスク

  • it's one thing if you've got you know a mortgage to pay and kids to support

    知っていても仕方がない 衣食住

  • and that if you were to deviate from your job


  • than well, how are you going to feed your family and pay the rent?

    そうか、どうやって養っていくんだ あなたの家族と家賃を払うの?

  • Okay, that's understandable


  • but let's say you're young and you're just coming out of college

    でも、若くて 新入生

  • or coming out of high school or whatever


  • What do you- What do you risk?


  • You know you're not gonna starve, I mean...


  • It's really, certainly not in any kind of modern economy

    それは本当に、確かに きんだいけいざい

  • It's so easy to earn enough money just to live somewhere and eat food.

    簡単に稼げてしまう どこかに住んで飯を食うためだけに

  • I don't know what other people- what they are afraid of


  • they are mostly afraid of failure I think.


  • People should be less risk-averse when there's not much at risk.

    人はリスクを避けるべきではない リスクが少ない時に

  • What is education like?


  • you're basically downloading data and algorithms into your brain

    データをダウンロードしている とアルゴリズムを脳内に

  • and


  • it's it's actually amazingly bad in conventional education

    それはそれは驚くべきことに 従来の教育が悪い

  • It's like it shouldn't be like this huge chore


  • like the more you can gamify the process of learning the better.

    のように、ゲーム化すればするほど より良い学習のプロセス。

  • I always had sort of a slight existential crisis


  • because I was trying to figure out what does it all mean?

    把握しようとしていたので それが何を意味するのか?

  • like what's the purpose of things?


  • and I came to the conclusion that if we can advance the the knowledge of the world

    という結論に至りました。 せかいのちしきをひろげる

  • if we can do things that expand the scope and and scale of consciousness

    を広げるようなことができれば 意識の範囲と規模

  • Then we're better able to ask the right questions

    そうすれば、より良い方法で 問い正す

  • and become more enlightened


  • and that's really the only way forward.


  • What drives you?


  • what what is it that when you wake up in the morning

    何が何だか 朝目が覚める

  • do you see a problem and you want to solve it?


  • The thing that drives me is that I want to be able to think about the future

    私を駆り立てるのは 先のことを考えられる

  • and feel good about that


  • so that, you know we're doing what we can to


  • have the future be, be as good as possible


  • to be inspired by what is likely to happen


  • and to look forward to the next day.


  • So that's that's what really really drives me

    ということは、そういうことです。 懲りずにはいられない

  • is trying to figure out how do we, how do we make sure that things are great?

    どうすればいいのかを考えています 物事が素晴らしいものであることを確認するのでしょうか?

  • I'm gonna be so and


  • that's the unlined principle behind Tesla and SpaceX

    それが無線の原理 テスラとスペースXの後ろ

  • is that, I think it's pretty important


  • that we accelerate the transition to sustainable generation

    移行を加速させるために 持続可能な世代へ

  • and consumption of energy.


  • It's inevitable, but it's- it matters if, if it happens sooner or later


  • And then SpaceX is about helping make life multi-planetary

    そして、SpaceXは支援することを目的としています。 いのちを多惑星にする

  • and doing what we can to continue the dream of Apollo

    のためにできることをして アポロの夢を継ぐ

  • and ultimately make contribution to life becoming multi-planetary.

    そして最終的に貢献する 生命が多惑星化することに

  • Let's talk a little more about that


  • I think everyone is very interested that when you say making life multi-planetary

    誰もが興味を持っていることだと思います。 多惑星化といえば

  • yeah


  • that's exciting


  • it is exciting


  • So what's your vision there?


  • You know, I think particularly for Americans

    あのね、私が思うに 特にアメリカ人にとっては

  • you know, like if you think about it America is a nation of explorers.

    考えてみれば アメリカは探検家の国です。

  • People came here from other parts of the world

    人々はここに来て 世界の他の部分

  • that you know chose to give up the known in favor of the unknown.

    を手放すことを選んだことを知っている人は 未知のものには知られていない

  • So I think exploration like the United States is a distillation of the human spirit of exploration

    なので、アメリカのような探査は 探究心の蒸留

  • and


  • So that's why it appeals to Americans so much

    だからこそ、それが魅力なのです。 アメリカ人には

  • you know


  • you can see this when


  • there was a shuttle tragedy and seven people died

    シャトルの悲劇があった 七人が死亡

  • and that's that's terrible but, you know a lot of people die all the time

    それはそれはひどいことだが、しかし、あなたは 臥薪嘗胆

  • but why do we care so much?


  • because it was the dream of exploration that was dying along with those people

    探検の夢だったから その人たちと一緒に死んでいく

  • that's why.


  • I mean I thought both Tesla and SpaceX would fail at the beginning

    つまり、テスラと SpaceXは最初から失敗する

  • You thought?


  • Yeah, sure


  • really?


  • of course


  • nevertheless you put all your money in them


  • I expected to lose it, and well technically what I thought was

    失うと思っていましたが、まあ 技術的には

  • well I'll take half the money from PayPal and if I lose half of it that's okay

    そうか、半分はペイパルからもらうか 半分無くなってもいいんだよ

  • but then of course the companies encounter difficulties

    勿論会社は 遭う

  • and then, I have a choice of either like let the company die

    という選択をして 会社が死ぬか死ぬか

  • or put you know all the money into the companies

    またはすべてを知っているあなたを置く 企業にお金を入れる

  • and so


  • I really don't want the companies to die so I put all the money in the companies

    本当に企業は死んでほしくない だから私は会社にお金を全部入れた

  • yeah


  • and then I had to borrow money form friends to pay living expenses

    それからお金を借りることになりました 扶養家族

  • yes


  • you know just looking just for evidence of exceptional ability

    捜し物をしているだけ 傑出した能力の証

  • and if there's a track record of exceptional achievement

    と実績があれば 傑出した

  • then it's likely that that will continue into the future.

    ということは は今後も継続していきます。

  • Well, it really depends on the stakes


  • if the stakes are high, if it's really important


  • then one should, then I, you know overcome the fear and just do it anyway

    然るべきであるならば、私は 怖じ気づく

  • I essentially


  • I mean I just


  • drive overrides fear, but I feel the fear


  • It's kind of annoying, I wish I didn't


  • I wish I felt it less.


So what, what advice do I have for college graduates?

だから何だ、どんなアドバイスがあるんだ? 大卒者向け?


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