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  • What if Mike Trout and Bryce Harper were teammates?

  • It could've happened if the Washington Nationals knew in 2009 what we all know now about Trout

  • a sure fire Hall of Famer.

  • The Nationals had back-to-back No. 1 overall picks in the 2009 and 2010 MLB draft.

  • But instead of drafting Trout, the Nationals selected Stephen Strasburg in 2009, and then

  • they took Harper in 2010.

  • So why Strasburg, and not Trout?

  • Strasburg was a star.

  • He was an NCAA National Pitcher of the Year, a 13-1 record a 1.32 ERA at San Diego State.

  • He had the triple-digit fastball, size, strength and poise that made him the complete package.

  • He was a seemingly perfect fit for a Nationals team that ranked near the bottom of the league

  • in ERA for several years.

  • But why wasn't Trout higher on draft boards?

  • The Nats weren't the only team that passed on him, the majority of baseball did drafted

  • 25th overall.

  • Trout did have the speed, athleticism, attitude, upside and could even throw 90 on the mound.

  • But he did not have the location, not with his fastball but where he was born.

  • In New Jersey where rainfall is higher than the national average and lots of rainouts led to fewer games

  • which means scouts were less likely to show up and they under-scouted Mike Trout.

  • He was considered more of a middle infielder, a Craig Biggio-type.

  • And there were some concerns about his bat, which Trout would prove woefully wrong and quickly.

  • Strasburg and Trout both made their first All-Star appearance in 2012, a year in which

  • Trout also won Rookie of the Year and finished second in MVP voting.

  • He had one of the best rookie seasons in Major League Baseball history, he hit .326, 49 stolen bases and 30 home runs.

  • Strasburg's 2012 was good too 15-6, 3.16 ERA.

  • But he was already coming off Tommy John surgery back in 2010.

  • He barely pitched in 2011, and was shutdown in the 2012 season, did not pitch in the playoffs

  • when the Nationals lost to the Cardinals in 5 games.

  • The Nationals made the controversial decision to value Strasburg's future rather than pitching

  • at the end of the season.

  • Overall, Strasburg has had only 1 year where he made at least 30 starts, and 1 year where

  • he pitched over 200 innings.

  • His 2018 ended up with him back on the disabled list.

  • Meanwhile Trout has been an All Star 6 times since 2012.

  • He's been named the AL MVP twice.

  • His .571 slugging percentage the highest of any active player, and he ranks second among

  • active players in on-base percentage at .416.

  • Strasburg has made 3 All-Star Games and finished third in the 2017 Cy Young Award race, but

  • staying healthy, being on the field has been a major problem.

  • So what happens if the Nationals pick Trout instead of Strasburg?

  • And follow that up with drafting Bryce Harper like they did the following year.

  • Would the Nationals have won a World Series by now?

  • Or at least their first playoff win since relocating from Montreal?

  • The answer has to be yes.

  • Think back to the 2012 postseason.

  • Washington was an out away from advancing to the NLCS before everything completely fell

  • apart.

  • They gave up 4 runs in the ninth in a colossal meltdown.

  • Trout, if he's on that team, he puts that game, or he helps put the series away before

  • it goes 5 games.

  • Or how about 2015?

  • The Nationals missed the playoffs completely.

  • Mainly because they were 8-11 against their division rival the Mets, who eventually went

  • on to lose in the World Series that year.

  • Let's swap out the WAR of Trout in 2015 9.4 and Strasburg 1.9.

  • The Nationals would've narrowly pushed past the Mets, made the playoffs and perhaps make

  • it to the World Series.

  • Imagine Trout on the Nationals with Harper, think all-time great duos.

  • Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.

  • Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonilla.

  • Willie Mays and Willie McCovey.

  • Gary Sheffield and Andruw Jones.

  • The nicknames are endless.

  • Fire and Ice.

  • Thunder and Lightning.

  • Bash Brothers 2.0.

  • If Trout and Harper were teammates in 2015, the year they both hit 40 home runs, imagine

  • facing them in the same lineup.

  • It would've been a nightmare for pitchers.

  • Stephen Strasburg has been great for Washington when he's healthy but his impact pales in

  • comparison to a lineup that would've featured Trout and Harper changing the Nationals place

  • in the National League.

  • Instead of being a team that under-delivers time-and-time again in the postseason, the

  • Nationals could've been the team holding the trophy.

What if Mike Trout and Bryce Harper were teammates?


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