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Aww yeah! Let's learn English with Will Smith in the new Aladdin movie.
So we're going to take a look at behind the scenes interviews, clips from the movie
and even an interview with Will Smith on the Jimmy Kimmel show.
You're going to get a ton of the vocabulary that you need to be able to go
and watch the movie in English and understand.
And if you are new here,
we help learners like you every single week to learn to understand fast-speaking natives,
without getting lost,
without missing the jokes
and without subtitles.
So, if you want to be able to do that too,
then be sure to hit that subscribe button
and the bell down below to not miss a single one of our new lessons.
Now, let's head over to the wonderful land of Aladdin.
Don't you just love when you can understand natives like in this lesson?
Well, we've helped thousands of learners, just like you,
learn to understand fast-speaking natives with our Fluent with Friends course.
You can get a free taste of this right now by signing up for our three-part mini course.
So, if you want to be able to understand fast-speaking natives,
I highly recommend that you check that out by clicking up here or down in the description below.
Hey do you find Jimmy Kimmel funny?
Well, we have done a few lessons already with other interviews with Jimmy Kimmel.
You can check out all those in this new playlist
by clicking up here or down in the description below.
Alright! Great job putting in all that hard work today.
Now, it's time to go out there and put to use what you learned by watching the movie Aladdin in English.
And be sure to support our channel by hitting our like button and the subscribe button below.
Also, check out that free three-part mini course that I told you about for you English fluency.
Check out this playlist of lessons teaching you English
with interviews as well as this other lesson I think you'll really enjoy.
Now, it's time to go beyond the classroom and live your English.
Aww yeah!


Learn English With Movies | "Aladdin" with Will Smith

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