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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 337. The title of today's lesson is the

  • difference between interior and internal. Okay. This is one where students might ask

  • what's the difference between these two ? When it comes up. All right. Let's take a

  • look at the note here. Interior refers to something inside a solid object such as

  • a building, vehicle, room, etc. and usually what you're referring to is probably

  • also solid itself. You could say " the interior ' in reference to like a whole

  • country as well. So the interior can refer to part of a country that is far

  • away from the coast. So that's another way that we can use interior. What's

  • internal ? Internal is involving what happens within a country. All right . So, so in

  • internal is more to do with either like a process or an action or activity

  • that's going on rather than the physical objects. Or with the second meaning of

  • internal. Because internal has a number of meanings. Existing or happening within

  • the body or mind. So that's another way we use it. Or number three existing or

  • happening within an organization. Okay. So that's also possible too . So but again

  • even if it's within an organization, it's usually something to do with some

  • actions or process as opposed to a physical thing. Okay. So let's look at

  • some examples here. Example number one. His car has interior leather seating.

  • All right. So again, object its a car and what are we referring to also that's

  • something that is solid too. It is leather you know,. All right . It may be soft . it may be

  • bendable, but it's still, it's still, it's not a liquid, it's not a gas it's a solid.

  • All right. Number two. There are wooden floors in the interior of that apartment

  • Okay. So again, the apartment is solid and then you have of course, the floors too.

  • solid too, and it's on the inside of it. So again these are two examples where we

  • using interior. Let's look at the third one. Ayers Rock is located in the

  • interior of Australia. So this one with the country. If you've ever been to

  • Australia and you ever went to Ayers Rock, it's really far, far in the center.

  • In the desert part, right in the middle of the country. So this is the way we

  • might use it. Like the interior of a country, really , really far away from the

  • coast. All right. Number four.

  • He suffered from internal injuries. All right. Now this is one of the ways we

  • said we're going to use internal within the body or the mind. Yeah. It would sound

  • weird to say. You know, interior injuries. We say internal injuries. So anything to do with

  • your body or inside your mind we'll use internal. Okay. Let's look at the next one.

  • Number five. That is a case for internal affairs. All right. Now this is the

  • one we said you know happening or existing within an organization . So

  • internal affairs. That's usually like the department that investigates things

  • within an organization. You know, if there's any wrongdoing or any crime

  • within that same organization like especially in the police department.

  • That would be internal affairs. Where they judge it. So it's more to do with

  • the process or an action rather than a physical thing. Okay. Let's look at the

  • next one. After 9/11 the US strengthened internal security at

  • airports. So yeah , this is something also because we do have a meaning of internal

  • that can also means happening within a country. Okay. So what's happening here ? They

  • are making the security stronger. So it's not so much a physical thing. It's just

  • making security in general stronger. Okay. Let's look at the next one. Here are

  • some examples where you know the student might do it wrong. So again X. This is

  • always wrong. So if a student says that department has a lot of interior

  • problems. No. That would be weird. Again this should be internal. So this is like

  • within an organization. Again so , we will be using internal, not interior and the

  • second here. They are going to start an interior

  • investigation. Now this would definitely be an internal investigation. So again

  • you know, some action or process that's happening within an organization or

  • within a country. We would be using internal. Okay. So again , remember interior

  • probably more related to more solid objects , what's on the inside of them.

  • Internal is more probably related to actions or process that's going on

  • within ... within these things. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it's clear.

  • Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 337. The title of today's lesson is the


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英語家庭教師ニックPレッスン(337) 内面と内面の違い (English Tutor Nick P Lesson (337) The Difference Between Interior and Internal)

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