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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 133. The verb phrase today is to

  • hurry along. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If we say to hurry along we

  • are trying to make something happen more quickly or make somebody do something

  • more quickly. Okay . Or number 2. We have a second meaning here. Hurry along could

  • also mean ... it could be used to say that you need to leave or go somewhere quickly.

  • Yeah. Basically you might say well I have to hurry along now. You could use it that

  • way. As saying that you simply have to leave. Okay. And then we have a third one

  • here. It's a little bit in the old-fashioned use. But you still might

  • hear it now and then . You have definitely seen in older movies a lot. Basically it means to

  • tell a person, especially a child or especially children to go somewhere

  • quickly. You know hurry along now. Okay. So let's look at several examples we have

  • here. Example number one. I know you need this project finished as soon as

  • possible I'll try to hurry along my workers, so we can get it done as soon as

  • possible. Yes. This is probably a supervisor and this is along the first one you're

  • trying to make somebody else do something faster.You're trying to hurry

  • them along. Okay. Well, let's look at number two. You cannot hurry along the

  • immigration process. So if you were an immigrant, you put in your application

  • and it takes you know, and you're really serious about it. It takes a long time,

  • and that may take a couple of years before everything goes through. The

  • immigration process your application will be processed when they get around

  • to it. Yeah. So sometimes we might say that you can't hurry along. So you can

  • use in the negative as well. All right. Number three here. We need to worry

  • along now. Or we will be late. Yes. So this is when you're using it as

  • like a reason to say that you have to leave. I have to hurry along now. You can say

  • that I have to go. Okay, and number four. Again this is a little bit of an old use,

  • but you still might hear it Come children, so especially we used to use it

  • with children. Come children, hurry along now. Let's go to the

  • lunchroom, so you can have your lunch. Yes Go to the lunchroom, so everybody can

  • eat their lunch. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it's clear. Thank you for

  • your time. bye-bye

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 133. The verb phrase today is to


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英語の家庭教師ニックP動詞句 (133) Hurry Along (English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (133) Hurry Along)

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