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  • (In a library)

  • Peter: Linda, what are you reading on the Internet?

  • Linda: Some news about Chen Shu-chu.

  • She’s not rich, but she donates lots of money to children’s schools.

  • I want to be like her and help people, too.

  • Peter: What do you plan to do?

  • Linda: I have no idea. Do you have any?

  • Peter: You know, it’s easy to help people.

  • Linda: Really?

  • Peter: Yeah, my parents cook for some elderly people in our neighborhood.

  • Linda: They do? Why?

  • Peter: For the elderly, to live alone is hard.

  • Linda: That’s true.

  • Peter: Amanda and I visit a children’s home in our free time.

  • We help them with their homework and put on plays for them.

  • Linda: Oh! I love kids.

  • Can I help, too? Peter: Sure, you can play a hen in our show.

  • Peter: Sure, you can play a hen in our show.

(In a library)


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A2 初級

コンボイ102、本3、レッスン5 会話 (康軒102年 第3冊第5課對話)

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