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  • and you've overcome a

  • real problem with reading and I don't know if you've been diagnosed

  • with Dyslexia

  • I was. When I was six, um,

  • They found I couldn't read at all and so I was diagnosed with Dyslexia at about six and a half or something

  • but you don't get a statement when you are six, they kind of wait

  • so um, I had asked for an agent when I was three and

  • and my mom said, "no. Absolutely not" and finally

  • she said. "ok, if you work with me every single day for the summer holiday and come to me with a

  • with a smile on your face I will at the end of it, get you an agent.

  • From then on, as long as I kept my grades up

  • Then I was allowed to work during the Summer Holiday. So the acting was really

  • like my carrot. Do well at school

  • So by the time I was 11, I had a lot of help from my parents, amazing teachers and great tutors as well

  • i pretty much have overcome it.

  • and its not a problem now

  • Why is it important

  • to you to research and read and know this character

  • do you really need to get inside her? I just enjoy it.

  • I think many people do it in many different ways. I just think it it was based on such a

  • wonderful biography by Amanda Foreman, such a beautifully written book that

  • it sort of you know

  • it's wonderful to be able to have that much background knowledge to be able to

  • come to pick parts of her actual life and i think that's really help them we can use this and we can use that

  • I find that really helpful.

and you've overcome a


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A2 初級

キーラ・ナイトレイ - ディスレクシアと読書の愛 (Keira Knightley - Dyslexia and Love of Reading)

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