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Hi We're Joel & Lia and today's video
is all about Australian slang that Brits

just don't get! so just to start this
off Joel, I've been- as you know I've been

working with an Australian well she's
actually Kiwi yeah but she then moved to

Australia and sometimes I'm hearing
these Aussie slang words and I'm

thinking what on earth is she saying? I have to
actually stop her and be like "wait, what?"

so I just wanted to bring them
to a video okay I'm gonna put them to

you see if you know what they mean yeah
and I mean there's one of them that's

pretty obvious
okay but let's just kick off I'm so

excited you know how much I love
Australians, you love it

Shall I do it all in Aussie? Yeah! Okay, first word: bottlo. Bottlo?? I thought that maybe you would know this. I think it
just means bottle doesn't it? or a bottle
of beer ... No. Does it not? No! bottlo. A bottle opener!

I was like what's a bottlo it's a drive-through for wine
and beer. Really?! for alcoholic drinks

mental! A drive-thru and a shop or
just a drive-through so basically I

found out wine isn't sold in
supermarkets in Australia, so

interesting so they've got just
like you know like wine merchant wine shops

booze Express that we have over in
the UK they call those sort of - and they

all have drive-thrus like McDonalds
that's so cool. And it's a bottlo.

I thought you might have known it
because don't you watch Australian soap

drama? I used to watch Neighbours but they
would never refer to alcohol. I don't think, I never heard it anyway! Bottlo, oh great!

that's that's so good, imagine
if we had a drive-thru for booze like

Brits would go mental, oh literally, but maybe that encourages drink driving I was just
thinking that no wonder we don't have it
here. And also like, if I was

If I was an owner of a
supermarket in Australia surely you'd be

like no we are gonna sell booze here.
must be a law against it. Must be, let us know!

Let us know in the comments guys we'd love to know about bottlo bottlo. right the
second one is so hard I genuinely have
no idea what this means, well up until like

yesterday fair dinkum fair dinkum! How funny is that!
is that like fair enough? Like "oh that's fair

dinkum" I've written down it means you
serious?! I think my inflection was wrong.

Fair dinkum = you serious? That's so funny! How good is that? I love that! Fair dinkum! I was saying to the
woman I work with you need a thousand

subscribers to be a partner with YouTube, she was like "fair dinkum!" Aw that's sooo good!
Aw this is why I love Australians also isn't it true that
Australians seem to be the only English

speakers in the world
that abbreviate everything and lots of

the abbreviations end in O like bottlo
and I won't mention any others coz they might be on the list!

but yeah they tend to abbreviate all the time the
abbreviations are amazing and that's

actually probably gonna be a whole other
video yeah I saw an amazing one on

Facebook I wanna share that
with with you guys if you haven't seen it,

you probably have it went viral but it's
all about Aussie abbreviations they were

fantastic, so good! The next one
far out far out

far out I swear I think I might have
heard that on Neighbours, what do you think? Is that just like "no way" yeah, it's no way!

Kelly who I will link in the
description and in the cards was doing

exercise and it was getting so difficult
and she also said like "far out" which is

exhausted it's used quite a lot but the main use is "no way". But it's always just like
"far out!" That's so good! Joel, we've got 7 videos to film today ... far out! fair dinkum! How good is that!?
I just wanna reiterate that we absolutely love like we're laughing but this is
from a place of love like we absolutely
love ... oh yeah I wouldn't want you guys to

think that we're laughing at Australians
being like you're stupid no laughing coz we're

like we love you guys!
we love sounds and words and the way that
things are said so this is just really

interesting for us. You ready
for the next one? The next one is quite easy okay Sheila

Sheila just meaning all women yeah. So if you're like "that Sheila", isn't the same male version is Bruce? Oh it must be! "Oh that Bruce over there..."
People do that in improv all the time when they
can't think of what to name a character

Bruce or Sheila comes out. that's really good let
us know in the comments if you're an

Australian and if you still use Sheila
to refer to a woman who you don't know the

name of and Bruce for a man, I'd
love to know! Right last one,

Arvo. I know this one this is like
one of the ones I do know, just meaning

"afternoon" "this arvo" "tomorrow arvo" I don't know if they'd say
tomorrow arvo I don't know if it has to be today
"oh you coming over this arvo?"

yeah that's good "you coming over this arvo?" I love it
that's what I mean bottlo, arvo,

like lots of the slang tends to be
abbreviated with an O on the end it's

really interesting
that's so funny what would my name be "Lio"

Imagine if I was called Leo and you were called Lia, "Leo and Lia"
brilliant! Shall we change the name? Rebrand! Leo & Lia!
what a tongue twister - What would yours be? "Joelo" That's good! I asked Kelly
my Australian friend I said what
would my name be abbreviated to because

Australians love to shorten everything, she was like L
Would Kelly be Kello? No! Like Jello, hey Kello!
no I call her Kels and she said that's
really Australian she was like none of my English

friends do it and I miss hearing it. But she was like you call me Kels and it reminds me of Australia
hey Kels! So guys if you enjoyed
this video, we would love to make
more, leave us a comment if you

know any more slang or phrases
definitely and we've done an Australian

accent tutorial if you haven't seen it
already we'll link it in the cards and

the description yeah we love you guys we
love those accents we do Australian

accents all the time most Australians
commented on that video saying that like

it was the best Australian accent
they've heard from a non Australian so

amazing blessed so check that out
if you like! if you like our channel

we also make videos on British culture
accents language all sorts of stuff

please subscribe if you're interested
and you can buy us a coffee

we've got our coffee links in the
description we absolutely love drinking

coffee that's bought to us by our
lovely viewers yeah while we're editing

we're just constantly sipping coffee so if you'd like to do that, we'll link
it below yeah and we'll see you next time! Bye!



Learn Australian Slang! | Aussie Slang!

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