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(cheerful holiday music)
- Hi we're Joel and Lia.
- And welcome back to Vlogmas.
- It's another video for ya.
- Today we're gonna be responding to,
reacting to not responding,
to I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present.
- We love the Jimmy Kimmel show.
We've seen, well I've seen
some of these videos before

and the I Ate My Kids Halloween Candy.
- Amazing.
- Hysterical,

what a genius idea.
- So good.

- So we just thought we'd react to it
This is the Christmas present,
so for those of you that don't know,
it's where kid parents
wrap up a terrible gift

for their children like this, you know,
just anything rubbish like an old banana,
wrap it up and give it to their kids
and film the kids and see
what their reaction is.

See if they're grateful,
ungrateful, see what they do.

- I love testing children, I just think
that so much is revealed, isn't it?
- Yeah.
(on screen video audio)
Oh his face!
- I don't like this.
- Aww.
- [Woman] What is it?
- An old banana
- [Woman] An old banana?
Isn't that exciting?
- The tops bit as well.
- Oh, she's squeezing it
- [Man] A battery and an onion.
What's wrong?
- I don't want an onion.
- I don't want an onion!
- [Man] Did you smell your onion?
Here, smell it.
- [Child] No, I smelled it.
- Eggs, eggs?
- [Woman] Open it.
- A hot dog.
- I'd definitely do this if I had kids.
- Oh the dog ate the hotdog.
- I got a girl activity
book with stickers.

I'm not a girl!
- I'm not a girl.
- I'm a boy.
- I'm not like a boy either.
- This is the worst present ever.
- [Woman] Marissa, what do you tell me
all the time about my cooking?
- I love it.
- [Woman] You love my cooking
so I made you something.

- Then why is it like, a
sandwich that's like that?

- You should appreciate--
- I appreciate her getting us a present
but I didn't know it would be like that.
- Awww!
- A sandwich of mine, I love your cooking
when you cook like dinners.
Like hot pockets or buffalo wings.
- What's a hot pocket?
- Something like that,
not just a sandwich.

- Not just a sandwich.
- [Woman] So you don't want
that peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
- I'll eat it!
- [ Man] Open it up.
You don't want that for Christmas?
- You stinking parents!
Take this back.
- [Man] Take it back where, this is yours?
- I want a refund!
- [Woman] It's a half-eaten sandwich!
- I want a refund.
- I want a refund.

- [ Woman] Isn't that what you asked for?
- What'd he get?
- I don't know.
- What'd you say about Santa?
- Violent.

- He put me on the naughty list.
- [ Man] Why?
- Because you gave me a
stupid Hello Kitty dress.

- Get over it.
- Oh, get over it.
- What a spoiled brat.
- [Woman] Beans, cheese,
and a waffle house hat.

What's in there?
Oh you got a Mr. Potato Head
- [Woman] They're from Santa.
- They're not, Santa did
not have those things.

I saw you get out of
the car in the garage.

Those things were not from Santa Claus!
- Awww.
- [Woman] Are you upset?
- Mmhmm.
- Back to him.
- You stupid parents.

I hate you, I hate you all!
- Why's he so dramatic?
- Learnt behavior.
- Yeah, parents watch out.
- [Kid] What, I got ponies?
- [Woman] That was your
great grandpa's hammer.

- [Kid] I got ponies?
- [Woman] You guys, what's wrong,
you're not excited about your presents?
- I got ponies, I don't want
ponies, they're for girls.

- Girls.
- I think it's better when the
presents are really, really

rubbish, like the potato
is a better rubbish present

then giving a boy something
that's usually a girly present.

- Yeah.
Of course they'll react like that.
- Of course, yeah.
- [Woman] Nessa, what'd you get?
- A cookbook.
- [Woman] Mario, what'd you get?
- I don't know!
- [Woman] It's an invisible
fence for your dog.

- It was a dumb joke.
- [Kid] I think it was.
- [Woman] Well Jimmy
Kimmel told me to do it.

- [Kid] Well tell him to suck my balls.
- He looks so proud of himself as well.
Oh, that is so good.
- Oh my gosh, that's hilarious.
- I would hope if I ever had a kid,
that they would just be really grateful.
Like there's one where, I
don't think it's in that one,

where he gets something like
a vegetable and he goes,

thanks and then puts it on the side
and then opens another one.
I wish my kid would react like that.
- That's so funny.
- Or like the Halloween candy
where the kids just
sometimes go, oh that's okay,

I didn't need it anyway and you're like--
- Yeah, that's really sweet.
But you know some of them are
real drama queens and kings,

like throwing an actual tantrum
and like telling their parents that
they're the worst parents in the world.
- Yeah, you hate them.
- I hate you.
- Oh my gosh.

- Oh my God, I hope I
wasn't like that as a kid.

- No.
- Was I like that as a kid?
- Was I?
- I hope not.

- I was.
- What just throwing a tantrum?
- No there was a video, 'cause my parents
used to like video tape everything.
And there was one we watched back
when I'm probably like three or something,
and I'm like ripping open the presents
and putting it on the
side like not even looking

at what they are and then
one of them is Maltesers

and I go, I don't like these
and then put them on the side.

- Oh really?
- And the camera kind of
just pans to my grandad

and he just goes.
- Awww, three years old and
knows he doesn't like Maltesers.

- And I don't know what I'm on
about 'cause I love Maltesers

so I don't know what,
- I actually love them.

- three year old Joel is on about.
- No idea.
But do you know what,
buying Christmas presents

is so stressful anyway for parents
and for people that aren't parents.
Like just buying for everyone
can be really stressful.

- Yeah, I've been watching
this money program

that's on in the U.K. right now,
it's like a live show for an hour
where they've got like
a money expert on there,

and he was saying that
he's been sort of rallying

against buying Christmas
presents that are unnecessary

and like inspiring people to be like,
if you've got a friend
or a friend of a friend

or cousins or you know people
that aren't immediate family,

that you feel like you've
got to buy presents for,

to like be honest with them and be like,
I'm not buying you a
Christmas present this year.

Because it's like people
spend so much money,

get so stressed out.
- Yeah, like just to be bold
enough to have a conversation

with someone and say, hey
I know every single year

up until now, we've bought
each other Christmas presents,

but I want to let you know
or I'm wondering if it would work for you
if we both didn't buy each other
Christmas presents this year,
just because I feel
like we're just doing it

for the sake of doing it.
Those people that are at
the bottom of the list,

you get them something because
they got you something.

- Yeah and often it isn't
anything thought out,

it's something--
- Of equal value
- Yeah, and that isn't very,
it's like a box of chocolates

or some alcohol or some like a scarf
or like some thing generic
it's not something personal.

- No, never.
You know when you're
visiting people at Christmas

and you've got so many,
you see so many people.

I think it was me and mum,
we have like emergency
presents in the back of the car

but don't have anyone's name on it,
but like emergency, in a bag,
that we, if someone gives us a present,
we're like gosh left yours in the car
and run to the car, get
the emergency present

and give them it and it's a generic gift.
- That's amazing you just
gave the game away now.

- I know, sorry guys.
- That's so clever.
- But this is what we're talking about.
It's all like unnecessary stuff,
- Unnecessary spending,
and that's the thing

if you can afford it, then
obviously it's a non-issue.

Especially 'cause right now, we've been,
both of us are trying to
like, like on Skillshare,

for example who are sponsoring this video.
You guys know we're working with them
over the last few
months, we share with you

what we've been learning and
this month we've been learning

about money and money
management, like how to just

be efficient and effective
and sort of stable

with your money and so
that's just reinforced to me.

Doing those Skillshare classes,
watching that money program.

And then stuff like this,
I'm like actually yeah.

- Yeah, you can just like
wake up with your thinking

and like make some
changes that can actually

save you and them loads of money.
- Yeah 'cause most people respond
to it quite well, I think.

And I've heard from that
TV program they're like,

most people that said it to their friends,
their friends are like
oh my gosh thanks so much

I feel the exactly the same way,
I just didn't know how to tell you.
I don't want to spend this money.
And everyone's been really good about it.
- That's amazing.
We will share in our description,
the link to the money management classes
that we've been doing and
if you want to sign up

to Skillshare, the first 500 people,
the first 500 of our viewers,
get the first month for
free and then after that,

you can pay to have a
membership that works out

to like less than 10 dollars per month.
- Yeah if you take the
annual subscription.

It's full of classes for
those of you that don't know,

classes in everything,
technology, writing,

well-being, like money management.
Everything you can possibly think of.
- So much stuff.
- It's been really nice
that we've been able

to work on editing skills but
then also networking skills

last month to now money management.
- We're really enjoying our
progress with Skillshare

so we hope that we can share
that with some of you guys.

- Yeah so go and check
out the link down below

be in one of those first five hundred
'cause you'll get a little freebie.
- I know we've said in other
videos about Christmas presents

and a lock free gift
guide, but this is all like

it's ideas, if you can afford
to do something like that,

then obviously do it but if
money is causing you stress,

debt, anxiety, seasonal Christmas anxiety.
It's a real thing, guys.
- And I think it's
important for us to say,

'cause we're doing vlogmas,
a video everyday until Christmas Eve.
And we're doing things like ice-skating,
going to Harrods, all these things.
It's important to just be clear,
if you're one of those
people watching being like

well, I'm getting
overwhelmed with the amount

of Christmasy stuff, and like money.
These are just ideas and things like that.
They're not like, and it's entertainment.
So if you can't and you find
this period of the year stressful--
- Then know that you're not alone in that
and that a lot of people
are in the same boat

where like work, personal
life, family life,

buying presents, all of that
it can really weigh you down.

So just know that like
entertainment for entertainment sake

right here on our channel,
you've still got real people right here.
- Yeah, right here.
And it's not talking about
like immediate family.

Like of course I will still
buy presents for my family

and my very close friends but remember
for the last few years me
and you had an agreement

where we just didn't buy each other
birthday presents or Christmas presents.
- Yeah it's just fine, we just have,
we literally see each other everyday.
So it's like the amount
of dinners, lunches,

amazing experiences that
we get to do together.

Like, our life is Christmas,
I mean that sounds so spoiled.

- Also, because it's like
we run a business together

it's sort of like our money
is, we obviously split it

and we get our own money,
but the money comes from the
same place, so it's like--

- So your money is my money.
- Yeah exactly, so it's like
if I'm spending money on you,

I'm just spending your money on you
and you're spending my money on me
- It's like it all came from
here anyway, so it's like

hey Joel I've bought you this for 20 quid,
from that money that we earned.
It's exactly what we've just
spoken about in this video.

- Yeah it's the pointless
exchange of things

where you don't really need to.
So if you've got friends that
you know you can be like,

hey should we just not
give each other gifts,

we'll just go out for lunch?
I think that's a great
way to save some money.

- Save some money guys.
We hope you've enjoyed this video,
we hope it's been informative,
and still entertaining and like we said,
we're really, really grateful to be
working with Skillshare on this.
And check out the links
in our description.

We usually post videos thrice weekly,
but we're doing vlogmas this year.
- Yeah, so this is a video that
everyday until Christmas Eve

and then we put back to thrice weekly.
But yeah, come back tomorrow,
they'll be a brand spanking new video.
- Brand spanking new.
- Brand spanking new.

- And like and subscribe
and maybe share this video

with someone who might find it useful.
And we'll see you next time guys.
- See you soon, bye.
- Bye.



British React To 'I Gave My Kid a Terrible Christmas Present' | VLOGMAS DAY 10

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