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Hi, this is Greg from www.onlinelanguageacademy.com
And in this video I'm going to teach you ten idioms about weather that we use in English.
Are you ready?
We love the weather in England, we love talking about the weather, which is crazy.
because, it's one of the most depressing things about England.
The weather is not great, but it's so unpredictable that we always talk about it.
And a lot of weather expressions have become idioms that we use in general English.
Just to talk about general life.
Not specifically the weather, but general life and that's what I'm going to talk to you about today.
So we have 10 expressions make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for all my videos.
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Let's go with the top 10 weather idioms in English.
Number 1: "as right as rain". How are you today?
Right as rain, okay? Just means you are absolutely splendid, healthy, happy, "right as rain".
To "be a breeze". If something is a breeze, a breeze like a small wind, breeze.
If something is a breeze it's easy, don't worry about it, don't worry about the exam it's gonna "be a breeze".
You'll pass, no problem, you'll see, it'll "be a breeze".
"Take a rain check".
If you "take a rain check" it means you're going to have to cancel or reschedule plans that you had with someone.
So you can say I'm sorry I think I'm going to have to "take a rain check".
Can we meet next week instead?
If you are "under the weather", which surely we always are, because the weather is in the sky.
But if you are "under the weather" it means you're a little bit ill.
Not terribly ill, but not 100%.
I think I'm going to go home now, I'm feeling a little bit "under the weather".
The next one is "break the ice". If you "break the ice" with someone.
You start talking about a topic to make socially a more relaxed situation.
When my friend meets someone new he asks them what their favourite type of triangle is, just to "break the ice".
An interesting way of "breaking the ice".
A very common proverb is that "every cloud has a silver lining".
So imagine a big black cloud in the sky, but the lining, the outside of the cloud is silver.
So, you know even though what you see it's a very bad thing, just believe that right behind it something good is going to happen.
Another idiom is that "it never rains, but it pours".
When it pours it means that it rains very, very, very heavily. So "it never rains, but it pours".
This means that things don't just go wrong, things go very wrong.
Like first you lose your house keys, then your car gets stolen and your passport disappears and then.. hey "it never rains but it pours".
You can "steal someone's thunder", if you "steal someone's thunder", it means you take away all the attention away from someone on their special day, okay, on their special moment.
So if your friend is getting married and on the day of the wedding you announce that you are pregnant, you might "steal their thunder".
Yep, another way to "steal thunder" of your friend on her wedding day could be to wear a beautiful white dress at the wedding.
Not a great idea, because you don't want to "steal the thunder" of the bride.
The next expression is about the weather, all right. "it's raining cats and dogs".
"It's raining cats and dogs" means it's raining very, very heavily, it's pouring, it's "raining cats and dogs".
And finally another one about clouds if you are "on cloud nine", yes, cloud nine.
I don't know why cloud nine, but if you are "on cloud nine" it means you are extremely, extremely happy.
So, on your honeymoon you could be "on cloud nine", everything is perfect.
You have a new wife, you're on holiday, that beautiful location, ah I'm "on cloud nine".
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I'll see you soon, keep watching, bye for now.


トップ 10 天気に関するイディオムと表現!(10 English Weather Idioms and Expressions | Speak English Like A Native)

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