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  • Video games are more popular than ever.


  • Games like Fortnight have gone completely mainstream, and now almost everybody considers themselves a gamer.


  • In the past, video games have been looked down.


  • They have been accused of causing habits of violence or addictive behaviors.


  • But what about the benefits of playing video games?


  • Here are some reasons you might want to game hard in 2019.

    2019 年にあなたもゲームに夢中になるべき理由をいくつか挙げます。

  • One, video games are linked with emotional stability.

    1 つ目、ゲームは情緒的安定性につながります。

  • Here at Psych2Go, we're all about helping and educating others on everything related to psychology, and emotional stability is a huge part of that.

    ここ Psych2Go では、心理学に関する全てのことにおいて人々を助け、教育することが全てで、情緒的安定性はその主要な部分を占めます。

  • A 2012 study suggested that immersive games in particular, appear to be the most beneficial.

    2012 年のある研究によると、現実に忠実なゲームは特に最も利益があることを示しました。

  • Because they allowed gamers to try out different versions of themselves.


  • Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 are so immersive that people can go anywhere and do anything.

    レッド・デッド・レデンプション 2 のようなゲームは、現実にとても忠実で、どこにでも行けるし、何でもできます。

  • We're allowed to explore our own personalities and see what fits best with our ideal selves.


  • And according to research, this helps a lot with emotional stability.


  • Three, video games improved Visuomotor coordination.

    3 つ目、ゲームは視覚運動協調を向上させます。

  • You might have heard previously that video games improve hand-eye coordination, it's true.


  • In fact, a recent study found that video games improve all Visuomotor coordination which is when vision and movement work together to produce actions.


  • For example, in First-Person Shooters, gamers must aim quickly and accurately at small targets.


  • In driving games, we make small steering adjustments at high speeds.


  • When we boost our Visuomotor coordination, we get better at all kinds of tasks; including walking, driving, sports and even basic tasks, like getting dressed in the morning.


  • Four, playing certain video games boost social skills.

    4 つ目、特定のゲームは社交スキルを高めます。

  • We all know that in 2019, some of the best video games are the ones we can play online with our friends.

    皆が知るように、2019 年では最も人気のあるいくつかのゲームは、友達とオンラインでプレーできるものです。

  • But until recently, no one really considered the benefits of these games.


  • In 2014, a very interesting study was published on the subject, which proposed that immersive social video games help gamers develop pro-social skills.

    2014 年、これを主題に大変興味深い研究論文が発表されました。それは、現実に忠実な社交的なゲームは向社会的なスキルを発達させるのを助けると提案したのです。

  • In these games, you have to figure out who you can trust, who to make friends with and how to lead a group.


  • And yes, those skills can definitely be transferred from the game world in to the real world.


  • Five, video games are linked with better vision.

    5 つ目、ゲームは良い視力と関係があります。

  • We've been told that staring at a screen all day is bad for our eyes, but what if video games actually improve our vision?


  • There have been quite a few studies on this.


  • Games can boost visual contrast sensitivity, which is basically the ability to distinguish between different shades of gray.


  • One study even found that video game treatments can cure a lazy eye, which is also known as amblyopia.


  • That being said, don't stare at a screen all day playing video games with the excuse of trying to improve your eyesight.


  • Six, video games might help with dementia.

    6 つ目、ゲームは認知症治療にもなり得ます。

  • Almost everyone's a little fearful of getting old, and one big reason is dementia.


  • Once again, it's video games to the rescue.


  • A 2016 study found that playing video games helped older patients restore their cognitive functions.

    2016 年の研究によると、ゲームをすることは年配の患者が認知機能を取り戻すのを助けたのです。

  • This included benefits like improving walking abilities, better moods and better social interactions with friends and family.


  • Seven, video games can help teens blow off steam.

    7 つ目、ゲームは 10 代の若者がストレスを発散させるのを助けます。

  • Being a teen isn't easy and most of us remember having a lot of pent up emotions during this time.

    10 代でいることは簡単ではありません、私たちの多くがこの時期にたくさんの抑圧された感情を持っていたのを覚えているでしょう。

  • If anybody needs to blow off some steam, it's your average teenager.

    ストレスを発散させる必要がある人がいるとすれば、普通の 10 代の少年少女たちでしょう。

  • And according to a 2007 study, video games are a great way to do that.

    2007 年の研究によると、ゲームはまさしくぴったりのストレス発散方法らしいのです。

  • The study found that teens were relieving a lot of stress by playing video games.

    その研究により、10 代の若者はゲームをすることで多くのストレスを解消させていることがわかりました。

  • So instead of causing aggression, video games might actually be helping teens vent by getting aggressive in the game world instead of the real world.

    ですから、攻撃性を引き起こすのではなく、ゲームは10 代の若者が現実世界の代わりにゲームの世界で攻撃的になることでストレスを発散させているかもしれないのです。

  • To summarize this video, what's your favorite video game?


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Video games are more popular than ever.


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ゲームをすることの 7 つの心理学的メリット (7 Psychological Benefits of Video Games)

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