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Hey guys!
How's it going?
I have gotten a lot of questions recently
about how to find someone to practice English

with you.
So, in this episode, we're going to answer
that question.

I'm going to help you to find the perfect
English language exchange partner, someone

who you can practice with any time you want
and it's free.

So, I think you're going to want to watch
this one.

Let me tell you, before I explain exactly
how to find your perfect language exchange

partner, that if you want to learn more about
Go Natural English Method: the Seven Steps

to Fluency, you can find a free course.
You can sign up for it
at gonaturalenglish.com/7steps.

Okay, so back to the question about finding
the perfect language exchange partner.

I know there's a lot of problems: like, okay,
where do you find someone?

So, if you live in an American city, or an
English-speaking country, that's awesome.

But maybe a lot of you don't.
I know that the Go Natural English community
is all over the world, and that's really exciting!

I see you watching from Brazil, form Japan,
from Germany, from all different countries.

It's amazing!
So I know some of you are watching from the
United States or other English-speaking countries,

but some of you are not.
So, what if you live in a country where there's
really not as many English speakers around?

You're lucky if you live in a big city, because
you can probably find them.

But if you live out in the countryside, it
might be more difficult to find them.

And even if they are around, how do you find

Well, often I say, "Okay, we can look online,

How do you find an exchange partner online?
It can be a bit difficult too, right?
How do you find someone who can commit to
meeting you, who is there and available on

your schedule?
How do you find someone who's as interested
in speaking to you in English as you want

them to be, someone who's patient, someone
who will always practice with you?

I have a solution.
I want you think about: who is the person
who you already speak with the most?

Is it your friends?
Is it your family?
Think a little harder.
Where's that voice coming from that you hear
all the time?

Maybe the voice that, you know, comes to you
when you think about things?

How about talking to yourself?
Don't laugh!
Don't laugh!
Okay, you talk to yourself in your mind more
than anybody else.

More than your friends, more than your family,
more than anybody else, you're always talking

to yourself.
You probably don't talk out loud to yourself
all the time, but your thoughts are always

And what language do you speak to yourself

Probably your native language.
How about we change that to: talk to yourself
in English?

So, I'd like to suggest that the perfect language
partner for you to begin with, for free, no

hassle, no scheduling issues, no commitment
issues, takes no time to set up, super easy

-- is to begin to think to yourself in English!
So, how do you do that?
Start small.
You don't have to think everything in English
because there's going to be a lot of words

that you're not sure about in the moment.
So, you can find out; you can look them up;
you can make a list of new words that you

want to use with yourself.
But start an inner dialogue in English.
Instead of asking yourself in your native
language, "Oh, what should I do today?"

ask yourself in English.
And then you can answer in English.
You can write down your ideas in English.
You can even talk out loud to yourself in

There's other things, like singing a song
in English, that you can do, you know, just

on your own time; you don't need anyone else
to do that.

Ask yourself, "What am I going to eat for
lunch?" in English.

These are all thoughts that everyone -- well,
I have them, I think everyone has them: "Well,

what am I going to eat today?"
You have them naturally.
So, why not think them in English?
So, this is going to make a huge difference
because, really, the person that you talk

to the most is yourself; it's your own inner
mental dialogue.

So, start here and then we can talk about
how to practice English -- there's another

episode of Go Natural English that I can link
to here where I talk about seven different

ways to practice in your home country without
even leaving.

So I talk a little bit about language exchange
partners there.

So, if you're surprised I didn't tell you
to meet with another real person, check out

that video.
But I think that you'll really benefit from
having your inner dialogue in English.

So start talking to yourself in English, making
your to-do list in English, thinking about

your plans in English, your dreams.
If you think about what you'd like to do next
year, think about that in English.

If you think about what you'd like to do this
weekend, think about that in English.

I think you see how this works, right?
So I hope you enjoy this tip, thanks for watching,
and I hope to see you back at gonaturalenglish.com/7steps

so that you can be part of our course to learn
more about our method to becoming fluent.

Bye for now!


Surprising Way to Find the Best English Learning Language Exchange Partner

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