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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 209. The idiom today is up one's

  • sleeve. Okay. Let's take a look at the note. If someone

  • has something up one's sleeve, it is hidden or secret, but is usually kept in reserve

  • for when it is needed. So you hold it in reserve, just in case

  • you do need it. It could come in handy. Okay. Let's continue.

  • They say this phrase is often used with other words such as ace. Yeah. We open

  • here somebody may have an ace up their sleeve. All right.. We find out you know, because

  • it originally comes from the card game. We might hear if somebody has more up

  • their sleeve or somebody has something up their sleeve or somebody may have a

  • surprise of their sleeve or somebody may have a trick up their sleeve. So there's

  • a number of words that this this idiom could be used with. All right. Let's

  • continue. This idiom originally comes from the idea of hiding a card up one's

  • sleeve, especially in a poker game. We actually have seen this played out,

  • especially in old westerns where a poker player may actually have an ace up his

  • sleeve. Yeah. Well normally, if you're going to hide

  • a card you want to hide you want to hide the card that has usually the most value

  • or the most power. So aces are usually the most valuable card. So an ace would

  • be the most likely card that you would hide. If you've got a hide one. You'd

  • probably hide an ace, and we've seen this in a lot of the old cowboy movies and if

  • somebody gets caught cheating. You're cheating you know, they caught them that

  • they had an ace up their sleeve. I don't know there must have been about

  • 10 different cowboy movies where I've seen a scene like this.

  • Okay. Westerns, where a poker player may actually have an ace up his sleeve

  • and use it at an opportune time. Well you know, of course maybe he placed some

  • hands he still loses, but there may be there may be one time where the ace is needed

  • to help him , you know, get a really good hand to win a hand. So that's when he

  • would do it. He wouldn't do it every hand but he'll use it during that hand, you

  • know to try to bet higher. And you know win more. It's it's definitely still

  • cheating. During one of the poker hands. Yeah. Each time you know, the cards are

  • dealt and somebody wins a pot that's a hand. Okay and let's look at a couple of

  • examples here. Example number one. This seems too easy.

  • Be careful. He must have something up his sleeve. All right. Yeah. So in this case

  • this is something. We say somebody may have something up their sleeve. I don't

  • know what that something is. But it's probably again it's probably something

  • tricky. Or number two. We are running out of options. Meaning choices. I hope you

  • still have some tricks up your sleeve. Yeah or I hope you still have an ace up

  • your sleeve. That we can use and this is the way we usually use it. So it's pretty

  • common. Again you can hear it with all those different words there. Anyway I

  • hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 209. The idiom today is up one's


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