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My name is Ben Lewis and I'm playing
the Phantom of the Opera.
- I'm Kelly and I play Christine Daae.
- Before I started
I wasn't aware how technical a show this was,
and so I think my favourite thing about, so far,
about playing the role is how many cool things
you get to do on the stage every night
from flying up in various pits of scenery
to hiding in little cubby holes all night
and scaring people, I think that's a lot of fun.
- I really like
her journey actually playing her as a character,
I feel that sometimes she can come across
some people think she's quite Disney,
but I'm quite like to show actually how strong she is
as a character, and like make her journey, like,
quite a big thing,
turning from like a girl into a woman.
That's quite I like about playing her.
So this show has been running for 31 years
which is incredible.
- It's kind of surreal to think that it's been
running so long, doesn't feel that way, being in building.
No, no.
I think the most surprising thing
about starting this company was
how energised this building is.
For a show that's been running for so long.
The energy is in here is so positive, is so upbeat,
There's people in the cast and the crew that'd have
been here for so many years.
- So many years.
- And they're some of the most energised
and most passionate people in the building.
I think the show has lasted as long as it has
because it's a story that resonates with so many people.
It's a love story,
- Yeah.
- It's a story of redemption, it's a story of betrayal,
- Mm-hmm.
- Leading to redemption.
And I think the characters are so relatable to people.
- It's never changed and it's so classic and people know it
as such a classic piece of theatre.
I think the first time I remember I came down,
I was quite young, I think I was around 14.
And I came with my mum on a trip to London.
I think the thing I remember the most was the chandelier.
I think everyone remembers that moment
when the overture comes on.
And I remember I sat in the Royal Circle
quite near the front, and I just remember it coming up.
And that feeling of it coming so near you
and the overture is so loud.
I think that was around the time when I really,
I seen this production and I would love to do this, so much.
- My favourite thing about Kelly's performance is watching
the transformation that you were actually
talking about earlier.
- Yeah.
- From sort of, young girl to woman.
- He really is the most incredible Phantom.
And I'm like so lucky to have him, here.
And I just find we just
really work well together on set.
It's really hard to say what you're good at
because you're just an incredible Phantom.
- And cut.


In conversation with the stars of The Phantom of the Opera

250 タグ追加 保存
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