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  • (Mission Impossible theme song playing)

  • (gunfire)

  • (groaning)

  • - From start to finish, how long did it take

  • to sort of plot and film the helicopter sequence

  • at the end of Mission Impossible: Fallout?

  • - Well, for me, I started in December of '16

  • and I finished in February of '18, so fourteen months.

  • But Wade was on it longer, I think.

  • Weren't you? - Yeah.

  • About a year and a half before.

  • About a year before that, we started sort of brainstorming

  • the ideas for the different action sequences.

  • Came up with what we'd like to do

  • with an aerial sequence so Tom could start

  • his training and get his actual private

  • and commercial pilot's license in a helicopter.

  • He already had fixed wing; he's an aviator already.

  • But he had to get his helicopter licenses

  • and get all those up to scratch.

  • Did some rough ideas of what we wanted to do with

  • the sequence and then needed to formulate the right team.

  • And Mark's worked on previous Missions

  • with Tom and was the obvious choice,

  • and the best choice, for the job.

  • Came on board and the rest is history.

  • We took Tom's flying to a new level

  • and came up with a sequence that could be,

  • you know, both subjective filmmaking and great storytelling.

  • - Well, you both worked on a lot,

  • not only Mission Impossible movies, but movies in general--

  • - We're together a lot. - Yeah.

  • - Is this the most difficult stunt

  • that either of you has done?

  • - It's the most difficult helicopter sequence,

  • yes, because of the challenge of it,

  • you know, and the fact that we wanted

  • to get an A-list actor in the cockpit,

  • flying on his own, which is unheard of--

  • - And make it exciting. - Right.

  • - You know, it's so easy.

  • Like, if you do a fight in the desert,

  • or a mountain, you know, it's these big,

  • vast landscapes that we're filming in,

  • but you're not strobing through things

  • and it's not that camera, handheld movement

  • that gives you all the action, the visceral images,

  • that you get in a lot of movies.

  • So, it could get boring very quickly,

  • so we had to come up with a way to make this sequence,

  • you know, dynamic, and subjective,

  • and really feel like Ethan's in jeopardy all the time.

  • - Get the audience in the cockpit with him,

  • so that you feel what he's going through.

  • - [Wade] And we couldn't do that

  • if we were cutting to a stunt pilot,

  • you know, it had to be Tom, and Tom wanted it to be Tom,

  • but, you know, it had to be Tom.

  • - I mean, he is obviously insane or heroic,

  • or a combination of the two, but,

  • I mean, when did you have to say,

  • like, we can't- when was the limit

  • of not allowing him to do something?

  • - I don't think there was a limit,

  • and I don't think he's insane.

  • I think he's just really well-prepared, he's devoted,

  • and he just loves doing these things.

  • - Yeah. - And--

  • - Yeah, he just generally loves it.

  • It's not an ego, he just generally loves it,

  • likes he's in a hangar or dad come and visit Mark

  • and the guys in the hangar and Tom walked up

  • to the one dad and recognized him.

  • He's got, like and old New York Yankees baseball cap on,

  • or he had one of the one, like,

  • you know, one of the hats on, the helicopter hats on,

  • and he's just cruising around, around the machine,

  • helping the guys and he just loves it.

  • He very passionate about it.

  • (techno whooshing)

(Mission Impossible theme song playing)


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