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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 83. The noun phrase today is

  • buyer's remorse. Okay and just to realize when we say remorse, like the word

  • remorse by itself, it means a feeling of deep regret. So let's take a look at the

  • note. here So buyer's remorse is when someone buys an item or a service and

  • then feels regret very soon afterwards. Okay. Buyer's remorse tends to be used more

  • with expensive purchases. Now this makes sense the more money you spend the more...

  • the worst you will feel if you're not happy with the purchase or with the

  • service. So there's a greater chance you will have buyer's remorse if it was a

  • very expensive item. If it's really cheap you might brush it off , and say ah, it was

  • only a couple of dollars or something like that. But if it was a significant

  • amount of money your odds of having buyer's remorse is increased a lot. But

  • let's continue. This feeling could also occur when someone buys an item that

  • ends up being totally useless or inappropriate. So even if it wasn't like

  • a very expensive item you still might feel it for some other items that you're

  • just really disappointed with. And say why did I buy ? That was a real waste of money.

  • You know, that wasn't at all what I felt like. It was a big

  • disappointment. In that sense you might still have some

  • buyer's remorse. Okay let's take a look at several examples here. Example number

  • one. John bought an expensive house that was beautiful but it turned out to be a

  • money pit, or it turned into a money pit. Now remember, when we say a money pit,

  • that's something that you keep having to throw money in. So in the case of a house,

  • it would be a house that would have a lot of problems. Soon after you buy it. Maybe a

  • lot of things break down and you have to keep putting more , and more money into it,

  • and more money into it, and more money into it. Probably this would be with an older

  • house, the chances that, that's what could happen. It can turn into a money.

  • So let's continue. He said uh yeah every week something new broke down and

  • it drained all his savings, especially if it's big stuff like a septic, septic tank

  • or plumbing , or you know something like that. It could really add up. Okay.

  • Good and then of course he soon had buyer's remorse. Yeah this could happen

  • you you think you got this beautiful house. You thought it was a pretty good

  • price, but you didn't realize you know, that so many things were broke or just

  • about ready to go on it .All right. Let's look at number two. Many news

  • reports claims a lot of people had buyer's remorse

  • soon after Obamacare came out. Yeah. I remember around this time, this I started

  • to get this term buyer's remorse a lot at that time. A lot of people you know,

  • it was supposed to be the Affordable Care Act. So a lot of people who kept saying

  • that it wasn't affordable at all. And it had a lot of deductibles and most people

  • could never reach the deductibles. And every year it got more , and

  • more expensive, and more expensive. So I did hear a lot of reports ... at least a lot

  • of people thought that maybe they had buyer's remorse even after getting

  • it. Some people refuse to get it at all. All right. Anyway, let's look at number three. If

  • you are going to make a large purchase you should always do research to make

  • sure that you won't have buyer's remorse. So this is another way we could say it. All

  • right. Good well I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-

  • bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 83. The noun phrase today is


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英語 Tutpr Nick P 名詞句 (83) Buyer's Remorse (English Tutpr Nick P Noun Phrase (83) Buyer's Remorse)

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