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  • How much longer, Tia?

  • Do I have to be here?

  • Why can't I go play with my friends?

  • Don't you want to help me make a delicious cake for mom for Mother's Day?

  • Ummyes! I do!

  • Well, then you must be patient

  • We have found almost everything we need

  • Okay

  • I know that it is tomorrow, Tia

  • but why do we celebrate Mother's Day?

  • Mother's Day has been celebrated for many many centuries and ages

  • Ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated it as a festival

  • So did the Christian people

  • But the Mother's Day we all have come to know

  • and celebrate has a different reason

  • Really? There's another reason for it?

  • Yes, and not a very happy story for it.

  • Why? What happened, Tia?

  • First you need to know about Ann Reeves Jarvis

  • In the 1900 in the US, before the Civil War

  • she started groups like the 'Mothers' Day Work Clubs'

  • that helped the local women take care of their children

  • Later, these clubs came together and did many peace keeping activities.

  • Wow!

  • But the actual Mother's Day

  • did not come about till

  • after 1905, when Ann passed away

  • Her daughter

  • Anna Jarvis decided to celebrate Mother's Day

  • as a way to celebrate the sacrifices moms make for their children

  • In May 1908, she had a huge celebration on the day

  • with thousands of people joining

  • By 1912, everybody was celebrating the Mother's Day we know today.

  • I thought you said there was a sad story too behind it?

  • Well, as years passed by

  • people started celebrating Mother's Day with a lot of fanfare

  • But they forgot that the holiday was not just about gifts and treats

  • but about remembering

  • and honouring the many sacrifices mom's make for their children!

  • Oh! It just became a holiday...

  • Yes, exactly

  • And Anna Reeves Jarvis spent the rest of her life urging people

  • to drop the show and pomp around the festival.

  • Wow... Her whole life?

  • Yes. You know

  • she did not even marry

  • and dedicated herself to the cause completely

  • Just in honour of the lovely mothers all around the world.

  • You know, Tia

  • Tomorrow I will not go anywhere

  • Let's stay at home and plan a great day for mom

  • We'll not let her do any work and will pamper her

  • like the way she pamper us every single day

  • That's a brilliant plan Tofu

  • Then, let us also buy a few things for breakfast

  • and we can make her a delicious breakfast in bed!

  • Yes! Let's do that!

How much longer, Tia?


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MOTHER'S DAY - WHY DO WE CELEBRATE MOTHERS' DAY|| 母の日のお祝い - アニメーテッドストーリー (MOTHER'S DAY - WHY DO WE CELEBRATE MOTHERS' DAY || Mother's Day Celebration - Animated Story)

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