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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Music Lyrics seven. All right the song today is
'Take Me Out to the Ballgame. " All right So let's uh let's look at the
note here. The original "Take Me Out to the Ball Game' was produced in 1908. So
it's more than a hundred years old now and sung by Jack Norworth and Albert Von
Tillzer. Good. It is considered to be the anthem for professional baseball.
Remember if we say like an anthem, like a country has an anthem , just for the
baseball organization. You know, the whole baseball league. It's almost like an
anthem. It's, it's a song everybody, doesn't matter what city you're from.
This is played at all the ballgames. So it's it's an anthem for the whole you
know, sport itself. Okay. For professional baseball usually played during the
middle of the seventh inning of a baseball game. Yes. So if you've ever gone
to a stadium in a baseball game, they have what they call the seventh-inning
stretch. Which is a little bit of a longer break in between innings.
Sometimes people do actually get up and stretch and this is the time when
they will play this song. They will play this song "Take Me Out to the Ball game'
during that period. All right. Let's continue. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game. " It
is said to be the third most common song sung by Americans. That actually kind of
surprised me. So out of all the songs that are out there you know , you think
all these big pop hits and everything else. But you know this just never goes out.
This is a classic. It stays around. It's sung at ballgames. So the only two songs
that are sung more by Americans are " Happy Birthday" and "The Star-Spangled
Banner ' which is the national anthem. So basically. So only behind, behind only
Happy Birthday and Star-Spangled Banner and of course Take Me Out to the
Ballgame is number three. Okay. Let's continue.
All right. Now actually it's time to, to go over the song. Now and just like usual,
you know, I'll read it we'll, we'll cover any vocabulary that
needs to be covered. So let me start and this is the old one. This is the
original one. Sometimes you don't hear this whole song. Sometimes you just hear
the chorus played at ball games, but this is the full song here. And it's, it's
supposed to be like Katie Casey is supposed to be a a girl's name. And this
girl was just, I guess crazy about baseball. And so that's how they
originally made it. So let me start. Katie Casey was baseball mad.
Well baseball mad, if you're mad about something, characterized by uncontrolled
excitement or emotion. Well, basically like we say today. You're
crazy for something. So she was baseball mad she was crazy for baseball. All right,.
Let's continue. All right. Katie Casey was baseball mad. Had the fever and had it
bad. All right. Again if we say fever, fever means it's a
strong enthusiasm, especially one that affects a lot of people. Okay, good. Again,
let's let's continue. So Katie Casey was baseball mad. She had the fever and had it
bad. Just to root for the home team crew. Every sou' Katie blew. Okay. So here just
to root, remember if we say to root . To root means to cheer for.
So she goes to the baseball game to cheer for her team. Come on guys. Let's do it. All
right. So like we say just to root for the home team. All right. Remember home
team. That's the team where that stadium is , is their home. That's where they play
most of their games. So the other team is usually referred to as 'the away team ' And
of course you know most of the fans in the stadium, they will be cheering for
the home team. Usually, I think it's more than ninety percent would be you know
the one supporting the home team. You know because they're ones that go to the
stadium to watch it. So anyway again let's so let's go on here. So Katie Casey
was baseball mad, had the fever and had it bad. Just to root for the hometown
crew. Every su' Katie blew. All right. The hometown crew, well, the
crew is like the team here. Every su.' All right. Now this is an old use.
Like we say, the word su' in in the early 1900s, it actually was a French coin, but
it was used in America to just mean a low denomination coin. You know like a
penny or a nickel or something like that. So we say su.' If she , if she blew every
su.' Remember blew is the past tense of blow. When you blow money
it means you spend a lot of money on things that you don't necessarily need.
But she loved baseball so much that she blew all her money on going to the games
and watching the games because she was a baseball fanatic, a great fan. So that's,
that's the song they had . Okay. So every su' Katy blew. Yeah and then we go to the
next part. On a Saturday, her young beau. All right.
well beau is boyfriend. Remember it's a word we get from French . Sometimes.
So it's kind of cool. We still use it sometimes. So we could say somebody's beau.
As a cool way to say somebody's boyfriend. You know , we usually say it
about a girl and that's her boyfriend is her beau. And so we still pronounce it
the French way. So yeah, so let's continue. So on a Saturday her young beau called
to see if she'd like to go to see a show. You know or to see a show probably you
know, like take you to the theater or the movies or something like that. You hear, it's very
common. That's what you might ask on a date.
But Miss Katie said no. I'll tell you what you could do. And then of course,
this is the chorus. This is the part that everybody knows and everybody can sing
this. Take me out to the ball game. Take me out with the crowd. You know, maybe she
liked to be with the crowd and all the people around. Maybe it was more
excitement. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks.
All right. Cracker Jacks. Most Americans do know this. This is a box and this is
exactly what it is a box of caramel-coated popcorn. So popcorn
already prepared in a box. It's, it's covered with caramel. It's, it's
a snack a lot of kids like to eat. And there's usually some peanuts in it. I can
remember as a kid sometimes you used to see it advertised on TV. I think of it when you hear
candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize. because they always put a little prize in
there for children too. That's what you get with Cracker Jacks.
You know Cracker Jacks was... So they was often sold at the ballgame and I guess
it was sold then. I think company's very lucky that he
included their product in the song. You know way back then. It might have helped
them. So anyway let's get back to this. He said so she says I'll tell you what you
could do. All right. You again so the usual chorus. Take me out to the ball game .Take
me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks.
I don't care if I never get back. Meaning like she loves being at the game so much,
She don't care if she ever goes home. She'd like to stay at the ball game
all day. All right. Let me, yeah. I don't care if I never get back let me root root
root for the home team. So she wants to cheer cheer cheer for the home team. If
they don't win it's a shame. You know it's a pity. For this one, two, three
strikes you're out in the old ball game. So of course if you know, if you know
baseball , you know if the player swings and misses
that's a strike and three strikes they're out. So that's what we say so uh yeah if
they don't win it's a shame. For its one, two, three strikes you're out at the old
ball game. All right then we go into the next verse. Yeah. Katie Casey saw all the
games knew the players by their first names. So, yeah she knew all the team. She
knew all the players. You know. She was a real diehard fan. Told the umpire he was
wrong, all along. So I guess if he made a call I was against her team, of course
he's hey you're wrong. You're blind what are you doing ?
Something like that. Good and strong. When the score
was just 2-2. Meaning it was a tied score. You know. Probably going into late
innings . Katie Casey knew what to do. Just to cheer up the boys she knew. She's
talking about the home team that she's cheering for.
She made the gang sing this song. And then the chorus is just repeated again.
Which is you know, take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the with the
crowd. So basically that's what she does. So she'll get the whole stadium to sing
it. And this, this, this song really caught on. And it lasted through all the years
and it's actually played at every single ballgame usually in the middle of the
seventh inning. So that's why it's the third most common song that is actually
sung by Americans. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it was informative. If
you ever go to a baseball game, now you'll, you'll , you'll have an idea
what this song means. Anyway, Good bye. See you next time.


English Tutor Nick P Music Lyrics Explained (7) Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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