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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 328. The title of today's lesson
is "What's the difference between license and permit. " Yeah. This is another one
where it will often come up. Students will ask what's the difference between the
two ? And to be honest when you're asked on the spot, it's really not that easy a
question to clearly distinguish. So I'm going to cover some ideas where today
when you're more likely to hear license and when you're
more likely to hear permit. All right. So Let's look at the notes. The first part
actually we're going to look at some similarities. So both licenses and permits
are provided by someone in authority, usually a state or government. Both could
be terminated. Both could be ended or revoked. Revoked means like take it
back, for misuse, for improper use. Both are technically contracts. So you have a
contract with the state. Okay. All right. Let's continue. So this is how they
differ. Now they differ in several ways. Licenses are permanent unless abused. So
just like we said before you know they can be revoked or taken back you know if
you break rules or laws. But if you don't do that you can probably keep it for the
rest of your life. Some you may have to renew. Some you don't. Okay for example a
marriage license you don't have to ever renew it as long as you're not going to
get a divorce. As long as the marriage is not going to end. The marriage license goes
until you know , either one of you die or you know it just goes forever from that
point. So licenses... some yeah so, so some licenses do not have to be renewed and
it's only ended if the marriage ends. So you know, with the marriage license
license is for driving or practicing law you know, for example etc. must be renewed.
Yeah. So again it's not taken away or you don't lose it,. As long as you just keep
renewing it. So you just have to bring in the old one and it's just a formality
they will you know just renew it again you just have to pay another fee. That's
probably the main idea. So it's not taken away at that point. So you could just
keep going with the same one even if you don't you know, drive or even if you
don't practice law. I've often heard that one with law lawyers too, even if they
stopped practicing law usually they will still renew it because they know that,
that's, that's an expensive license to have. And you don't want to just let it
you know, just let it go. Most new licenses will be used more in regard to
businesses. Yeah. so if it's for running a business and paying your taxes and stuff
like that or you know being allowed to sell certain things probably license is
more likely to be used in that situation. All right. Let's continue. Permits usually
do have time limits. Once they expire you must apply for a new one.
So it's not the same thing as renewing if your permit runs out you don't
usually bring in the old permit and you just renew it you just have to apply
over again for another permit. In the case of a driver's permit it is used
mostly to allow someone to learn to drive and usually one will upgrade to a
license after passing a driver's test. So if you got your permit and you didn't
learn to drive in time and your permit expires you just have to apply for
another permit again. But you don't bring in the old one and renew it. I think you
still have to actually even take the written test again.
So you just completely apply all over for a new one.
Okay. Let's continue. Licenses don't have many restrictions. They don't usually
have too many limits. However permits do. Okay. For example, a driver's permit is
only allowed to be used with another driver. You know, another licensed driver,
who already has a license supervising you. So there is a lot of rules sometimes
to permits. Permits for underage drivers, well I guess if you're under 18 like
some people you're 16 or 17 you can get permits too. But just like they say here
there may be time limits to day hours. They may not allow you to drive at night
too. So they could be other reasons for other other distinctions.
Olay. Let's continue. Permits are more likely to be inspected more often. Okay.
For example if you're fishing in certain areas, authorities may ask to see your
permit. To see if you make sure you actually got one. Now there are fishing
licenses to anything connected to a business will probably be a fishing license.
But another thing you should really note about this. Even though these are more
generalities. There are probably literally thousands of licenses and
permits for numerous amounts of things. So is it possible you could find maybe
one type of license a permit that may disagree with something we say here.
Maybe but this is probably true in most cases. Let's continue.
Since licenses are more permanent, they tend to be official cards or more
official cards , often with a picture ID. Yeah. Maybe. Permits may, may often just be
sometimes it's a sticker. A little sticker you put on something or a paper just
some paper you pull out because it's it's not always meant to be permanent
may be temporary. So doesn't have to be as official it may not be a laminated
card or a special hard type of card that's more durable. It just may be a
piece of paper to display somewhere if it is being checked and for example
like a parking permit. Maybe your this parking permit just simply, simply allows
you to park you know, legally in a certain area you have a parking permit.
Okay. I hope that ... I hope this helps, I hope you got a better understanding now
between that license and anyway I hope you found it informative.
Thank you for your time. Bye-bye


English Tutor Nick P Lesson (328) The Difference Between License and Permit

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