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One of my supporters said, "The opposite of Donald
Trump is an Asian man who likes math."
And so that has been something of a rallying cry
And so that has been something of a rallying cry for me in the campaign.
for me in the campaign.
Hello, I'm Andrew Yang.
I'm running for president in 2020 as a Democrat.
I'm a serial entrepreneur.
I started an organization called Venture for
America that helped create thousands of jobs in
Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, St. Louis
and other cities around the country.
And during that time I came to realize that
technology is pushing our economy in a direction
where more and more people are going to be out of
work. We were automating away many more jobs than
we were creating, and that we needed to wake
people up.
I would never be running if Donald Trump hadn't
won the election in 2016.
The bell really went off where I was like I'm
going to run for president when I was doing
research about what I thought helped Donald Trump
win, which is that we'd automated away 4 million
manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio -
Indiana has lost 5,000 jobs.
That's not good.
All the swing states he needed to win and did win.
Thank you to Ohio.
Someone needs to make this case to
the American people that it is not
immigrants. It's technology.
And when I realized no one else was going to do
it, then that's when I decided to run.
Universal basic income is a policy where every member of a society, in this case every American citizen,
gets enough money to meet his or her basic needs. So in my plan The Freedom Dividend, every American adult
starting at age 18 would receive $1,000 a month free and clear to do whatever you want.
We love the characterization of us as a long-shot because, one, it shows where we've started
and, two, it shows how much we're going to shock the world as we continue to grow.
I think the reason why the campaign is growing all the time is that people see me as solutions oriented.
I'm not a futurist I'm a present-ist. It's just that so many other politicians are stuck in the past that I seem like I'm
somehow pushing an agenda that's not commensurate to 2019 or 2020, but it's 2019 and 2020.
Mean, artificial intelligence is real. Self-driving cars and trucks are going be on our, they're on our roads right now.
We need to wake up, and the things I'm recommending are not pie in the sky or Utopian at all.
They're actually things we should have done years ago.


Meet Democrat Andrew Yang Running For President on Platform Of Free Cash

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