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Two Common Problems for Teenagers:
Friendship and Appearance
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Dear Sandra: I'm fifteen.
My best friend, Betty, stopped talking to me last Friday
She appears to be angry with me, but she won't tell me what's wrong.
I feel really down.
I've always wanted to make more friends,
but I don't know how to open up to anyone except Betty.
I feel lonely without her.
What should I do?
Rainy Girl
Dear Rainy Girl:
Tell Betty how you feel.
If you are shy, perhaps you could drop her a note first.
If she's a true friend, she'll understand how you feel,
and you two can work the problem out together.
Making friends is important for a teenager.
Always smile when you talk to others.
I'm sure you'll make new friends soon.
Dear Sandra: I'm fourteen.
I don't like myself very much because I'm short and have acne.
Also, I'm afraid to talk to girls;
I think they will laugh at me when they see my face.
Am I thinking too much?
I want to be more confident.
Can you tell me what to do?
Thanks.---- Sad Boy
Dear Sad Boy:
Don't worry about how tall you are.
Being confident is more attractive than being tall.
Find out what you are good at,
and you'll be more confident.
As for your skin problem,
you can take action to solve it.
Try washing your face often or go to see a doctor for help.
Remember, appearance isn't everything.
Be yourself and love yourself.


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