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Hi guys, hope you're well.
So let me give you an amazing breakfast that is delicious, nutritious and you're gonna love.
We are going to make beautiful chocolate bircher.
Get an apple, a big ol'bowl, a box grater and have a little grate up.
And you can grate the whole thing.
Don't take the skin off, that's where a lot of the pectin is at.
And then I'm gonna use a pear as well.
I wanna take an orange, slice it up straight over your apple and pears.
And that's not only gonna add amazing flavour but the vitamin C and the acid in that are gonna stop any of this discolouring.
Then, of course, the classic; porridge oats go on top.
And that energy is gonna slow burn until lunchtime.
So two hefty tablespoons of cocoa goes into the liquidiser.
I'm gonna go in with a banana.
Alright again really really good for you!
Fantastic for potassium, it's sweet, it's delicious.
600mls of milk, waz this up.
So look basically what we've made is a smoothie.
And that bitterness from the cocoa has now been balanced with natural sugar from the banana.
And of course, with the porridge oats that energy slowly released.
And I've got one last little ingredient to add; the Medjool dates.
But actually, if we chop these up, right, they release their sugar slower and also they're really chewy and delicious and a nice little surprise when you eat it.
So I'll stir that in and this will be ready in like five hours.
It will just suck up all the moisture.
That will happily sit in the fridge for a couple of days.
If it lasts that long so just wrap it up with cling film, squeeze the air out, give it a seal.
There's no need to do that topping, just feel good.
So let's get that in the fridge.
Tomorrow this will be amazing.
So this has been soaking overnight and this will be good for a couple of days in the fridge.
But it won't last that long.
You can see that it's thickened up so a nice little spoon like that is beautiful, a little handful of hazelnuts.
Of course you could use any nut you like but I really love hazelnuts and chocolate - you know why.
I've the seeds, let's just get those sprinkled in just mix seeds and just bash it up.
So I really love to add some nuts and seeds and again this just makes it even more healthy.
Whatever fruit is in season, just fill your boots and have a go.
We've got the apple and pear in there already, but of course whether the frozen or fresh, these berries are really, really fun to have with a bircher.
And then if you want to you can add a little bit of Greek yoghurt and this is beautiful, let's have a little try.
It is so good!
So really nice start to the day, it feels really indulgent.
But of course this bowl is full of goodness!
So what you're waiting for?
Get those oats, get whizzing and get making your bircher.
Take care.



【Jamie Oliver】腸活朝ごはん!バーチャーミューズリーの作り方 (BEST BIRCHER MUESLI | Jamie Oliver)

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