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  • Hi, I'm Christopher Rokosz. Actor, director both stage and screen. And I want to share

  • with you some information about one of my favorite musicals. The Phantom of the Opera.

  • It was, the music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. And adapted from the 1909 book, Le

  • Fantome de l'Opera. I know I butchered that. By Gaston Leroux. The Phantom of the Opera

  • was written in France. Was a adapted to English in 1911. And from them became one of the most

  • adapted, staged, screened, radio. You name it, they made something out of it. but Lloyd

  • Webber in 86 made it popular with the help of Harold Prince directing. It opened in the

  • West End theater in London. And from there it became a runaway smash success. Running

  • on Broadway for decades. And now finally finding a home being updated and a little bit redacted

  • down to ninety minutes. With no, with no intermission, in Vegas. The story focuses around the musical

  • and the book. All of it focuses around The Phantom of the Opera. A mysterious, a mysterious

  • figure that lives in the bowels of the Paris Opera House. Now in reality and in the book,

  • the Paris Opera House has catacombs down there, a soft ground. And that's where he lives.

  • And affects things in the theater. Considers it to be his. His eye is turned to Christine

  • Daae. An ingenue chorus girl. Who he's smitten with. Well Christine, after taking voice lessons

  • for him and with his help. Now is going to head to head to becoming a Soprano in the

  • lead. Against Carllota, the prima donna of the opera. Creating some tension there between

  • that protagonist and antagonist. And also falling into a love triangle with a character

  • called Raoul. A patron of the Opera House. And also the Viscount de Chagny, a count in

  • France. The Phantom does not take to this very well. Does not take to the fact that

  • the new managers are not listening to his demands. And doing as he says. So he gets

  • angry and ornery. And he makes things happen, including the classic crashing of the chandelier.

  • It's a two act play, it's incredibly fun. I always say, if you've got a friend. Who

  • does not like theater or does not like musicals. You take him to this one. They'll take it.

  • It's a great entry way thing. I'm Christopher Rokosz, go enjoy it.

Hi, I'm Christopher Rokosz. Actor, director both stage and screen. And I want to share


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オペラ座の怪人について : オペラ座の怪人のミュージカルについて (About The Phantom of the Opera : About The Phantom of the Opera Musical)

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