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  • Hi. I'm Christopher Rokosz actor/director of both stage and screen. And I want to share

  • with you some information about the characters in The Phantom of the Opera. Whether you're

  • watching the Andrew LLoyd Weber stage show or the Joel Schumacher adaptation of the Andrew

  • Lloyd Weber stage show or the original book by Gaston LaRoux. The characters for the most

  • part remain the same. I will start with the first The Phantom of the Opera. The title

  • character Erik a tragic character disfigured when he was young and ends up living in the

  • catacombs beneath the Paris Opera house. In the story he falls in love with Christine

  • Daae and allow us to go into Christine Daae. Christine Daae is a chorus girl an ingenue

  • if you will. Her father a famous musician who passed away. She's trying to come up through

  • the ranks in the Paris Opera house and he takes her under his wing and helps develop

  • her voice. Through that he falls in love with her. Now he develops her, he helps develop

  • her voice through her mirror or through just a voice that comes to her. Then there's Raoul

  • her, the love interest of Christine which creates the triangle between the Phantom,

  • Christine and Raoul. Then you also have Andre one of the new managers of the Paris Opera

  • house. Madame Giry. She is the dance core mistress. You have Joseph Buquet who is the

  • master of the flies which means he works the fly system up there. Meg, Madame Giry's daughter.

  • Then you also have some of the lesser characters or some of the bigger characters like Carlotta,

  • I should say, who is the prima donna or the first lady of the stage of the main soprano

  • inside of it until the Phantom starts to take over. So those are a few of the characters

  • to get you familiar with who you're going to see inside of the Phantom of the Opera.

  • I encourage you to see the movie, see the stage show, read the book. The characters

  • are rich and pretty well developed. It will give you a little bit of a fright and a good

  • love story all wrapped up into one. It's good date situation. I'm Chris Rokosz.

Hi. I'm Christopher Rokosz actor/director of both stage and screen. And I want to share


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オペラ座の怪人について : オペラ座の怪人に登場するキャラクターたち (About The Phantom of the Opera : Characters From The Phantom of the Opera)

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