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Something I find incredibly interesting about prison dramas or any films that focus on villains
or convicts is that we are often asked to support individuals who, in the real would
we'd do anything but. The Shawshank Redemption highlights the hardships and reality of prison
life while making law enforcement seem drenched in brutality, and this is juxtaposed with
prisoners who are in their own distinct ways, somewhat likeable. The audience has to keep
reminding itself that these individuals are in prison for a reason and are not necessarily
good people. The film also examines the lasting effect
of long term prison sentences on those who eventually are released. The fact that time
and world developments essentially stop for prisoners reveals the time travel like nature
of being completely cut off from the world only to reenter it decades later.
Contained within the film are several different viewpoints and agendas which all play out
and interweave culminating in a satisfying conclusion that shows off the clever writing
and story pacing. Much like heist films and thrillers seemingly unimportant scenes gain
true meaning come the films ending. The Shawshank Redemption is often described as one of the
best films ever made and while its not my personal favourite its understandable why
it receives this acclaim. Thank you so much for watching another one of my one minute
reviews. Just a quick heads up, for this week and for next week I'm involved in a wedding,
not my own don't worry about that. But because of that, that's why I've had to do another
one minute review so soon after my last one and it's probably why next week you're going
to get another one minute review. However, don't be alarmed because the week after we
will return to more lengthy, in-depth videos and the one minute reviews will hopefully be more interspersed
throughout time. One minute reviews are fun though so if you want to see another one,
check out down below, last week I reviewed Independence Day. As for next week well, you'll
just have to wait and see.


The Shawshank Redemption | 1 Minute Review

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