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  • Our planet has a terminator.

  • No, not a time traveling humanoid robot, but a line where its light and dark side meet.

  • On Earth we see the Sun rise from the East and set in the West.

  • But if you were looking straight down from space, you would see half the planet lit, and the other half in total darkness.

  • That's the terminator.

  • The terminator, also called solar terminator or thetwilight zonemoves around our planet once a day.

  • The Earth is constantly rotating, and it's got a little tilt to it.

  • Our planet orbits the sun at a 23.5 degree angle.

  • That axial tilt causes one pole to be facing the Sun, and the other pole facing away, and that gives our planet its four seasons.

  • The terminator is a guide for solar-powered low earth orbit satellites.

  • They ride the line in total sunlight to take pictures of Earth.So while the terminator

  • doesn't really do anything, it is good for science!

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  • In this edition, we break out everyone's favorite elementary school science experiment to explain

  • how galactic ice volcanoes erupt on Enceladus.

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Our planet has a terminator.


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地球のターミネーターについて知っておくべきことのすべて (Everything You Need to Know About the Earth's Terminator)

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