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Hi this is Tutor Nick and this is Verb Phrase 110. Okay.
The verb phrase today is to spring up. Okay. Let's take a look at the note. If
something springs up, it appears or comes into being very
suddenly. Or we have a second meaning here. To move upward or rise or sprout.
You know, just all kind of ... it seems like they all come up very quickly within a
short period of time. So let's look at number one. There have been new locations
of that chain store springing up throughout the city. Sometimes you see
this like if a new chain store came around your neighborhood and suddenly... Oh
wow ! They open one there or they opened another location there and then and then
now they're going to open another one here. So within you know, a short period
of time within four five six months suddenly you see a number of them
opening all over the place. You say they're springing up in this sense. Let's
look at number two. You need to get this project under control. You know ,this
might be a manager saying this. Several problems seemed to have sprung up
unexpectedly this past week. Yeah, So again we need to come into being or just
to appear suddenly. They sprang up All right number three. Your son sprung up
over the summer. He must have had a growth spurt. So this is physically. So
yeah you sometimes you see this may be a teenage boy over the summer. Maybe he
grew like four or five inches over one summer. And a lot of people didn't see
him over the whole summer. Wow ! What happened to you ? Look at how tall you got.
Wow you really sprang up. That's the way somebody would say it. And let's look at
number four. If you open the box, a puppet will spring up. So you know it's probably
like a jack-in-the-box. You open it and the puppet comes up or or any sort of
toy like that. Anyway I hope you got it . I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time.


English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (110) Spring Up

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