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You're back!
Where to?
Let's go to the church.
In this province-wide meeting,
there were similar reports from churches from every area.
Some co-workers from most churches have joined Eastern Lightning.
They are going everywhere bearing witness to Almighty God,
and quite a few believers have accepted this.
That's really serious!
We need to protect our flocks!
Yes, it's a dangerous situation.
If we don't take action immediately,
our churches and everything we've built will fall apart.
You're right.
We have to convene church co-workers as soon as possible
so we can stop Eastern Lightning from stealing our sheep.
Pastor Shen, there's a problem.
What's wrong?
Chen Yixin and Su Jie have accepted Eastern Lightning.
They're having a meeting about Eastern Lightning at Chen Yixin's house right now.
Some people in our church have accepted Eastern Lightning.
We need to take care of this!
I'm on my way!
Sister Song, (Yes.)
we've been reading a lot of Almighty God's words.
It fills our hearts with joy.
Yes! That's great.
The prophecies of the Revelation have been fulfilled.
Almighty God's words are the Holy Spirit speaking to the churches,
He is Christ in the last days.
We are completely certain of this! (Yes!)
Thanks to God! (I'm certain too. Me too.)
Thanks to God!
We shared the gospel with some brothers and sisters yesterday.
Hearing Almighty God's words has made them want to look into the true way.
That's great.
Most of the prophecies of the Lord's return have been fulfilled
and the great disaster is upon us.
They felt the Lord Jesus had returned,
they just didn't know where or how He appeared.
As soon as they heard Almighty God's words,
they felt that they are the truth, with authority and power. (Exactly.)
They asked us,
is this the return of the Lord Jesus?
I said that Almighty God is the reappearance of the Lord Jesus.
If He were human, could He express God's truth?
That's right. Right. Of course.
they're all feeling really anxious,
they want to hear your fellowship and testimony. (Yeah!)
Hey, do you think we could set a time up to meet with them?
Great. Would tomorrow work for you two?
Sounds good.
Thanks to God!
The entire religious world has become desolate.
They don't follow the Holy Spirit's work.
In their gatherings they just talk about worldly things.
The pastor's sermons are so dry, there's no light in them.
They're dull and stagnant. (Yes.)
Many hope for the Lord's return but don't see His coming,
they've all seen that the great disaster is upon us.
They have lost all faith and love,
they fell into darkness
and are waiting for the Lord to come save them.
Now the Lord has returned
and is doing the work of judgment of the last days.
He'll save those who long for His appearance,
make a group of overcomers before disaster,
and bring them into His kingdom.
Thanks to God!
We must consider God's will and should bear witness to Almighty God's appearance.
We should spread the word! (Yes.)
This way they'll be able to hear God's voice and return before His throne.
This is what God wills.
Amen! Yes.
Many who believe in the Lord hope for His appearance,
we must hurry to help save them! (Yes.)
If they could just hear God's voice,
I know they would rejoice. (That's right! Thanks to God!)
It's fine, I'll go take a look.
Mom, put these books away. (Here.)
Here's another one.
Quick hide them.
Pastor Shen is here!
Ah, Brother Chen.
Hi, Brother Chen.
Pastor Shen is here.
Come in, Pastor Shen.
Pastor Shen, Elder Sun. (Hello, Pastor Shen.)
Please come. (Have a seat.)
Sit down. (Have a seat.)
Yes, sit down.
Sister Chen, Sister Su.
I handed our people over to you
so you could shepherd them and get cultivation.
But I never imagined
that you would accept Eastern Lightning
and you then lead other believers onto their way.
You have strayed from the Lord's way, you've betrayed Him!
You need to turn back immediately, confess and repent to the Lord.
Otherwise, your sin of betraying the Lord will cost you dearly.
You will certainly be punished in hell.
You've worked so hard all these years in your faith in the Lord,
wouldn't it all be in vain?
Pastor Shen, don't get upset.
Let's have a seat and talk. (Yes.)
Pastor, please sit down.
Please sit. (Let's sit down and talk.)
Elder Sun, have a seat.
Here, Sister Song.
we've heard Eastern Lightning's preachings and read a lot of Almighty God's words.
We've seen that His words are the truth, the voice of God,
there is no doubt.
We've determined from our hearts
that Almighty God truly is the appearance of the Lord Jesus. (Yes!)
We were planning to share the gospel with you in a couple of days,
but you showing up here now must have been arranged by the Lord.
Thanks to the Lord!
Sister Song from The Church of Almighty God is here too.
She can share testimony on Almighty God's work in the last days. (What are you talking about?)
Testimony on Almighty God?
You're so presumptuous!
If the Lord Jesus had really returned,
as pastors and elders, wouldn't we know?
Eastern Lightning wouldn't have to give testimony!
All these years so many pastors and elders have condemned Eastern Lightning,
saying that it's heresy,
saying that it's not true at all.
This proves that Eastern Lightning is not the true way.
It's not permitted to look into Eastern Lightning.
We've said it again and again.
Why can't you just listen? Huh?
You have been deceived
and now you're helping the Eastern Lightning people
steal sheep from the church.
How ignorant can you be? Huh?
We're here to save you, rescue you from these people.
Ignore everything she tells you,
reject Eastern Lightning and repent to the Lord!
Pastor Shen, you're mistaken in saying so.
You haven't listened to the preachings of Eastern Lightning,
and you haven't read Almighty God's words.
You're just blindly condemning it.
You may be resisting God.
What "Eastern Lightning" refers to is very clear.
This is from the Lord Jesus' prophecy:
Eastern Lightning is the Lord's appearance and work in the last days!
It is.
We've investigated Eastern Lightning
and it is entirely in line with the Bible and the Lord's words.
Yes. (Please.)
Pastor Shen,
there are so many good sheep who have heard Almighty God's words
and have acknowledged that they are the truth,
that it is God's voice,
and they have accepted Eastern Lightning.
This shows that Eastern Lightning contains the truth,
and that it really comes from God.
Pastor Shen, Elder Sun,
let's listen to the testimony from a member of Eastern Lightning.
Investigating is in line with the Lord's will.
Yes, Pastor Shen,
first listen to Almighty God's words and investigate His work in the last days. (Yes.)
Brother Chen …
Pastor Shen, Elder Sun,
we believers in the Lord most long to welcome the Lord's coming
and be raptured into the heavenly kingdom.
That's right.
Now that the Lord Jesus has returned …
How dare you?
You're not qualified to preach!
Believe me, you have no right to open your mouth!
You even dare steal sheep from our church,
you have some nerve!
Time to go.
You better get out of here right now or we'll make you!
Get out! Now! (Hey, hey, hey!)
Everyone calm down.
What do you think you're doing?
You just got here, but you've already condemned them.
Where's your humility or desire to seek?
Are your actions in line with the Lord's will?
No way.
This is for your own good.
We're all brothers and sisters in God.
How could you not have any love?
Eastern Lightning is heresy
and anyone spreading heresy is not a brother or sister.
What love could there be?
Get out of here, now! (Don't!)
Brother Miao!
Pastor Shen, Elder Sun,
if you're willing to seek and investigate the true way,
we can sit down and have fellowship,
but it seems you've come to disrupt us,
I'd like you to leave.
Chen Yixin …
You've been so thoroughly deceived,
you are beyond redemption!
Chen Yixin, Su Jie, I'm warning you,
if you don't repent
and you still bring Eastern Lightning people to the church to steal sheep,
you can't blame me if I turn against you!
Don't do anything you'll regret!
Let's go.
It looks like we need to share the gospel with our brothers and sisters as soon as possible.
Su Jie, let's split up the forces.
Chen Yixin and Su Jie believe in Almighty God now.
Believe in Almighty God?
And they're going around with Eastern Lightning people stealing sheep.
They've stolen many good sheep.
How should we handle this? Please make suggestions.
Those two have preached the gospel for over a decade.
They understand the Bible and truly believe in the Lord.
How could they believe in Eastern Lightning?
That's right!
Pastor Shen, we should have fellowship with them,
see what's really going on, and go from there.
They're important in the church,
they've worked for the Lord for years.
Especially Sister Chen,
she was arrested by the CCP, and went to jail for 4 years.
She suffered a lot.
Now that they've been deluded,
we should think of a way to save them!
Right! We should save them.
You think that Pastor Shen and I haven't tried?
We've kindly urged them to uphold the Bible and the Lord's way,
but they use Almighty God's words as a rebuttal
and they are clear and logical.
I think they really believe in Almighty God and won't budge an inch.
There's no hope of saving them.
Now they're bringing Eastern Lightning people to churches and stealing sheep.
This is going against us and betraying the Lord!
Therefore I propose expelling them.
Expelling them?
That's not right.
Why not?
Those who ignore the pastors and elders and betray the Lord should be expelled!
But they're important co-workers in the church!
It's clear they've betrayed the Lord.
They must be expelled
along with anyone else who believes in this Eastern Lightning!
Sister Chen,
if you're here to preach Eastern Lightning,
I won't accept it.
The pastors and elders say that God's words are all in the Bible,
and that they don't exist outside of the Bible.
Believing in the Lord and Bible are the same.
Parting from that is heresy.
Eastern Lightning goes beyond the Bible,
so it's heresy.
Sister Chen,
you've served the Lord for years and you know the Bible well.
You should know this.
How could you accept Eastern Lightning?
Sister Liu, is there a biblical basis for what they're saying?
Did the Lord Jesus say that?
Did the Holy Spirit testify to that?
Do you believe in the Lord Jesus,
or do you believe in the pastors and elders?
You must be clear on this, you can't be muddleheaded.
When the Lord Jesus appeared and did the work of redemption,
that was outside the Old Testament.
Isn't accepting the pastors' and elders' words
denying and condemning the Lord Jesus' work?
Sister Liu, our faith in the Lord must be based on His words.
We can't blindly listen to people.
If it's really as they say
and God's work and words are only in the Bible,
consider what the apostle John said:
How can that be explained?
And this prophecy from the Lord Jesus:
How could that be fulfilled?
I never considered that.
Sister Liu, think about it.
God is the Creator, His authority is above all else.
Could His work and words
be limited to only those words that are recorded in the Bible?
Could it be that He can't do new work or speak new words
that aren't in the Bible?
Every step of His work is a new start,
how could it be recorded beforehand?
Sister Liu, we're all the Lord's believers.
We must seek the truth,
we can't blindly listen to the pastors.
Only the Lord is the truth,
in faith we can't follow people.
Sister Chen,
what you've said has merit,
but I can't ignore the pastors and elders.
Listening to you and accepting Eastern Lightning,
I'd be expelled from the church,
then wouldn't all of my years of faith be in vain?
Oh, Sister Liu … (I have to go.)
I have something to do. (Hey, Sister Liu.)
Sister Liu, Sister Liu!
Hi, Sister Chen!
Is Sister Zhang here? (Yes.)
What are you doing here?
Go away!
Sister Zhang, listen …
Go on! (Why not let her in?)
You believe in Eastern Lightning, you've betrayed the Lord Jesus
and now you've come to dupe me.
Get out!
Sister Zhang! (Out!)
Sister Zhang!
Sister Zhang!
Go away, go away!
Pastor said not to have you here. You're not welcome here!
Get out!
Pastor Shen won't allow us to meet with you! (Sister, hear me out …)
Go on! Go on! (Sister, sister …)
Hi, Sister Xia.
Why are you here?
The pastors and elders said you've betrayed the Lord.
Get out of here!
Go! Go! Go! (Sister Xia, hear me out …)
Hey, Sister Xia! Sister Xia!
Brothers and sisters,
let's read more of Almighty God's words.
Amen! Thanks be to God!
People from the church. I'll go look.
Oh, I'll go.
Who is it?
It's me.
Co-workers Miao and Zhu, hello.
Brother Zhong, why weren't you at our last meeting?
Pastor Shen wanted us to come see you.
Oh, thanks to the Lord!
Do you have guests?
Oh, Sisters Chen and Su are sharing fellowship. (What?)
Sister Chen?
It's great that you're here now, come join us.
The pastor and elders won't let us meet with them.
How can you listen to them?
Have you been deluded?
Brother Zhong,
isn't this going against the pastor and elders?
Won't it be bad if they find out?
They'll expel you!
Get them out of here!
Brother Miao, Brother Zhu,
we've always listened to the pastor and elders
and I've never studied Eastern Lightning.
These last few days I've heard their fellowship and testimony.
I feel it makes a lot of sense, and is in line with the Bible.
I know this coming together was arranged by the Lord.
Why don't you come and have fellowship with everyone?
Brother Miao is here.
Brother Miao.
Brother Miao is here.
Brother Miao.
How can you …
how can you look into Eastern Lightning?
They bear witness that the Lord Jesus has returned
and expressed truths to do the work of judgment in the last days,
to purify and save the people.
They say that they've already been raptured.
How can any of you think that's possible?
It's not.
The pastors and elders say
that the Lord Jesus said "It is finished" on the cross,
meaning that God's work of saving mankind was finished.
Our sins have been forgiven by believing in the Lord,
and we've received salvation by grace.
When the Lord comes He'll bring us up into the kingdom of heaven.
That's all there is to salvation.
Eastern Lightning's preaching goes against the Bible
and is considered heresy in religious circles.
You …
Why would you want to investigate it? Huh?
Brother Miao, have a seat so we can talk.
Here, sit down and listen! (That's right.)
The Lord Jesus took on all of our sins,
the Lord doesn't see us as sinners anymore.
By believing we have already been saved, salvation is once and for all.
As long as we uphold the Lord Jesus' salvation of the cross,
when the Lord returns He will bring us into the kingdom of heaven.
This is what He promised. (Right.)
So, I think that when He returns,
He won't do any work of judgment and purification.
I don't think we can go wrong
if we follow the Bible and uphold the Bible.
Brother Miao, Brother Zhu, have a seat.
We can all have fellowship on anything that's unclear.
It will all make sense in a moment. (Yeah, please sit down.)
And have a listen. (Have a seat!)
Let's discuss. (We've been here all day and it's been so wonderful.)
Brother Miao, Brother Zhu,
the pastors say that the Lord Jesus saying "It is finished" on the cross
refers to God saving mankind being finished,
then why did the Lord Jesus say this, "I have yet many things to say to you,
but you cannot bear them now.
However, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come,
he will guide you into all truth" (John 16:12-13)?
"And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not:
for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.
He that rejects me, and receives not my words, has one that judges him:
the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day"
(John 12:47-48)? (Amen!)
And it's said in 1 Peter:
We can see from the biblical prophecies that
the Lord will come and do the work of judgment in the last days,
and guide people to enter into all truths.
If you go by the pastor and elder's words,
how could these prophecies be fulfilled?
They couldn't.
Could the Lord's prophecies really be false?
They couldn't. They truly couldn't.
Co-worker Miao, Co-worker Zhu, can you explain this to us clearly?
The Lord's words are clear.
He'll come in the last days to utter words and judge mankind.
Yes, we've been misled by the pastors.
We wanted to get into the kingdom of heaven,
but never paid attention to His words.
They don't understand the bible either.
We can't believe anything they say!
They can't be trusted! (Hey.)
How can you be so confused?
They're always explaining the Scripture.
If they don't understand it, who does?
We should follow what they say, stick to the Bible no matter what.
It's right for us to uphold the Bible in our faith,
but in waiting for the Lord's coming,
we must be sure to listen for His voice,
because every time God does a new work He utters new words.
These aren't in the Bible.
So how God will come, what work He will do,
and how He will do it
are all things we can't foresee.
So, we must keep focus on seeking the Lord's voice
and the Holy Spirit's words
so that we can welcome the Lord! (Yes.)
Okay. Let's read some of Almighty God's words
about why God's work of the last days is judging and purifying mankind.
Thanks be to God!
Sister Chen, (Yes.)
I'd like to read.
Thanks be to God! God's words are wonderful!
Almighty God's words really clarify the significance
of the Lord Jesus' work of redemption in the Age of Grace
and why God is doing the work of judgment in the last days.
Brother Miao, Brother Zhu,
do you still think that when the Lord Jesus said "It is finished" on the cross,
that referred to God's work of saving mankind?
Do the pastors and elders have a biblical basis for saying this?
Is that what the Lord Jesus said?
Has the Holy Spirit given testimony to this?
Since that's the case,
isn't what the pastors and elders say nothing but human notions and imaginations?
Yes, they're just making assumptions about it.
The Lord Jesus' crucifixion in the Age of Grace was just the work of redemption,
to redeem us from our sins so we could escape the condemnation and damnation of the law.
We believe in the Lord, we confess and repent,
so our sins are forgiven.
We enjoy the peace, joy and blessings given to us by the Lord.
Thank the Lord.
This is what it means to gain salvation by grace.
From our faith, we have been saved and our sins forgiven,
but we cannot deny that
our innate sinful natures and satanic dispositions are still there.
We are still bound and constrained by sin.
We often lie and cheat.
We're also very arrogant, selfish, cunning, and greedy,
always thinking of ourselves.
We only work for the Lord because we want to enter the kingdom of heaven.
We blame the Lord the moment we encounter persecution.
We even deny the Lord.
The Bible says,
So what do you think?
We frequently rebel against and resist God,
and we can enter the kingdom of heaven?
Through our faith, we have been saved by grace.
Does that mean we have escaped from sin and have become holy?
Does that mean God has given us full salvation?
We frequently rebel against the Lord.
How could we gain full salvation?
Thanks be to God! Now everyone should be clear
the Lord Jesus' work of redemption
was just one part of God's work to save mankind,
definitely not all of it,
because God had not fully gained mankind.
In the last days,
on the foundation of the Lord Jesus' work of redemption,
Almighty God has expressed truths to do the work of judging and purifying mankind
so that we can escape sins
and become people who obey and worship God.
Finally, those people can enter God's kingdom.
Almighty God's work of judgment
is the most critical, fundamental work that can fully purify and save mankind.
It is!
God's work to save mankind will be completed
only when Almighty God's work of the last days is done.
Thanks be to God!
Almighty God's last days' work totally fulfills the Lord Jesus' prophecy:
God uses His work of judgment to expose everyone
and divide people according to their kind.
Those who refuse to heed God's voice, who deny and condemn God in the flesh
will all be exposed,
they will ultimately fall into disaster and be punished.
Those who listen to God's voice and turn toward God
will go into His kingdom after undergoing God's judgment and purification of the last days.
This fulfills the prophecy stated in Revelation 21:
Amen! Thanks be to God!
Now, we can drink freely from the fountain of the water of life.
Yes, we are so blessed!
So, what is the context of the Lord saying "It is done" here?
What was the context?
Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!
At this time, God has renewed everything and humanity has achieved holiness.
A new heaven and earth has appeared.
A new Jerusalem has come from heaven,
and God's tabernacle is with men.
God lives among them, they are His people in His kingdom.
There are no more tears, no death, no sorrow.
Only this is the sign of God completing the work of saving mankind.
Brothers and sisters, has mankind become holy now?
Has God's kingdom been realized?
Have the satanic demons been eradicated?
Since that's not the case,
how could we say that God's work of salvation is done?
Yeah, the pastors don't understand the Lord's word.
They're just deceiving people.
We've all been misled.
They have said that the Lord Jesus' words "It is finished"
mean that God's work of salvation is done.
Is this in line with the facts of God's work?
It's not.
Isn't this interpreting the Lord's words in their own way?
Aren't they misinterpreting the Lord's words to mislead others?
You! How can you say that?
The pastor—(Brother Zhu.)
The Lord Jesus prophesied that
in the last days, He would come to separate good servants from evil servants,
sheep from goats, wheat from tares,
wise virgins from foolish virgins.
Revelation prophesied that God would make a group of overcomers in the last days,
that His kingdom would come to earth.
These are all things the Lord will achieve when He returns,
and now in Almighty God's appearance and work,
He has revealed the good and the evil servants,
the wheat, and the tares,
the wise and foolish virgins.
Also, He has made a group of overcomers
with resounding experiences and testimonies.
In following Christ,
they have been brutally pursued and persecuted by the Chinese government,
other religious groups call the police when they're preaching.
They've been imprisoned and suffered horrible torture.
After release, they still bear witness to the kingdom gospel.
Anyone can see this!
The truth of the religious world resisting God has also come out.
It has met with God's damnation and become a wasteland.
The facts are right in front of you.
Can't you see them?
Can't they?
The pastors have determined that the Lord Jesus saying "It is finished"
refers to God's work of salvation.
It's absurd! Ridiculous!
This denies God's work of the last days.
It's really harmful and deceitful!
Right, I understand now.
The Lord Jesus saying "It is finished" referred to His work of redemption,
not to God's work of saving mankind being done.
The pastors and elders really twist the Lord's words around. (They do. They do.)
They've really done a number on us! (True!)
I admit you explain the Lord Jesus' work of redemption clearly,
but I cannot accept your testimony that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus returned.
Because none of this is in the Bible,
and we must uphold the Bible in our faith.
That's right.
If it's not in the Bible, we can't believe it.
Come on, let's go.
There's only one way
to keep Chen Yixin and Su Jie from coming back to the church to steal sheep.
Report them and have them arrested!
I agree!
I'd do anything to save our flock.
We should report them to the police now to protect the church.
That's a good idea. We should have done this before!
Thanks be to God!
Sister Dong.
Hurry, hurry!
Pastor Shen reported you, the police are on their way!
Meet me at the intersection, I'll tell Zhong.
Hurry up!
Don't move!
Don't move!
You can't just barge into our home.
What are you doing?
Where's your daughter? Tell me!
Speak up!
She's not home.
Search it!
Yes, sir!
What are you doing?
You can't come in here!
Do you have a warrant?
You can't just randomly search homes!
This way!
Over there! Hurry up! Go!
Don't run!
Dammit! Get of the way!
Dammit! Where'd they go?
Over there!
Get them!
It's lucky Sister Dong got there in time.
Otherwise, we wouldn't have made it.
That was close!
In Communist China, spreading the gospel can get us arrested!
I never imagined!
I can't believe Pastor Shen would report you for sharing the gospel with others.
He's a pastor, how could he do something like that?
Even if they won't accept the true way,
they shouldn't sell you out or report you.
It's malicious! It really is!
When the Lord Jesus appeared and worked,
the Pharisees also united with the satanic government
to persecute His disciples, right?
It's true. The pastors and elders are reporting us.
We can't share the gospel here, so we have to go elsewhere.
These days the religious world is dark and desolate.
Many true believers are still bound and controlled by pastors and elders.
They can't hear God's voice or see His appearance.
Let's go somewhere else to keep bearing witness to God's work of the last days,
expanding the gospel of the kingdom.
This is God's commission for us!
You're right!
We should consider God's burden and expand the gospel of the kingdom.
This is God's will!
Thanks to God!
Sister Chen, Sister Su,
be extremely careful when going out to preach the gospel.
Pray to God, rely on Him.
Hey, Sister Yang, how are things?
Hey, Pastor Cao,
Yang Qing is meeting with the Eastern Lightning preachers again.
Pastor Cao and Elder Ma know I firmly believe in Almighty God,
they've expelled me and have told everyone to have nothing to do with me.
They threatened them, saying:
Anyone who listens to Eastern Lightning
must be cut off,
anyone who believes in Eastern Lightning
will be expelled.
I'd like you to share the gospel with Brothers Zheng and Li,
but I'm worried they won't listen.
Sister Yang, do you think they have a thirst for the truth?
How is their ability to accept truth?
Are they clear on what the pastors and elders are really about?
Their understanding of the truth is really pure.
They're always seeking the truth.
Really? (Yes.)
They often disagree with the pastor,
they seem to have some discernment.
The pastor told the church to report witnesses of Almighty God to the police,
they were against it the whole time.
They said this was treachery and would offend the Lord.
The Brothers are good people and I think they love the truth.
We should share the gospel with them.
They seem alright.
Those God'll save are good people who love the truth.
That's right!
Thanks be to God!
We should give them testimony on God's work of the last days
and read Almighty God's words to them.
If they are God's sheep,
they will hear His voice and accept the true way.
Tomorrow we can go to Brother Zheng's place.
Thanks be to God!
Let's go.
Brother Zheng, Brother Li,
if you have any other questions, we can discuss them in more detail.
I have a question.
Pastor Cao, it's those two.
Pastor Cao.
Who said you could preach here?
Did I say it was okay? (Of course not!)
We've worked so hard to build up this church.
These are our sheep. (Yeah!)
We've taken care of them. (That's right!)
But you just come in here to preach without my permission.
You are stealing our sheep!
You have some nerve! (Yeah!)
Pastor Cao, brothers and sisters are God's sheep,
they belong to no man.
How can you say that they are yours?
Do you have a biblical basis for saying that?
Do these people belong to you or to God?
It's quite brazen, don't you think? To say that they're yours?
Yang Qing, how dare you say that?
You're trying to seize God's sheep.
Don't you see the problem?
Brothers and sisters,
we should think about this carefully.
What is an evil servant? What is an antichrist?
It's determined by their attitude towards Christ and God's chosen people.
Now that the Lord Jesus has returned and is Almighty God in the flesh,
spreading the gospel and witnessing God's work
so that more people can hear God's voice and meet His return.
It's God's commission.
Why would this need approval from you?
You are pastors and elders,
you know people say the Lord has returned.
Not only have you refused to guide brothers and sisters to welcome the Lord,
but you've blocked them from seeking the Lord's voice.
Is this in line with God's will?
Not at all.
Pastor Cao, how can you act like that?
Like the Pharisees did?
Yang Qing, let me tell you …
Pastor Cao, have a seat and tell us here.
Have a seat. Take your time.
Everyone have a seat.
Sit down, please.
Pastor Cao, we've believed in the Lord for years always awaiting His return.
Now they say He's returned,
expressed His truth and is doing the work of judgment in the last days,
we should lead brothers and sisters to look into this!
Look into what?
They say the Lord Jesus has returned,
that He is Almighty God incarnate.
There's no biblical proof of that!
Yeah, there's nothing in the Bible about this.
Matthew 24:29-30, what does it say?
Okay, let's take a look!
The Lord Jesus clearly stated that in the last days,
the Lord will come in the clouds with great power and glory,
that heaven and earth will shake, everyone will see.
If the Lord has returned, then why hasn't this happened?
Yeah, have any of you seen that?
Where is the rapture?
So I'm certain that any Lord Jesus who doesn't come down on a cloud is false.
Anything about God coming again in the flesh is heresy!
It's a lie.
And we can't believe it!
Brothers and sisters, we can't listen to them anymore.
They should be expelled.
Pastor Cao, there are many prophecies in the Bible about the Lord's return.
Are you absolutely certain that He'll only descend on a white cloud?
You dare delimit Him?
The Lord Jesus also said,
It says in these prophecies
that the Lord will come "as a thief," "the coming of the Son of man,"
He will "stand at the door, and knock."
Doesn't this mean that aside from coming down to us on a cloud,
He also has secret ways of coming?
That's true.
What is this?
Based on your notions,
if God only came down to us on a cloud,
how can the prophecies of Him coming secretly be fulfilled?
Everyone knows
that the Lord will come on a cloud with great glory and power and appear to all people,
at that time the stars will fall from heaven,
it will shake heaven and earth, and everyone will see it.
If it was true that the Lord can only appear on a cloud,
would we need to hear "Behold, the bridegroom comes;
go you out to meet him"?
We wouldn't.
Then how can this prophecy be fulfilled?
And the Lord coming "as a thief,"
and Him knocking at the door,
how will these prophecies be fulfilled?
Brothers and sisters, give it some thought!
Everyone will see the Lord appearing on a cloud,
and they will certainly fall down to the ground in terror.
Then who would resist or condemn Him?
That's right!
So how can the Lord's words,
"But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation,"
be in any way fulfilled?
Pastor Cao, can you explain this to everyone?
There are so many prophecies about the Lord's return,
that you haven't fully examined.
You've just determined that He'll descend on a cloud from one or two pages of scripture.
Isn't this arbitrary?
Aren't you misleading people?
Pastor Cao,
you're saying that the Lord's return can only happen
if He is coming down on a cloud?
Oh, he really can't say that.
The Lord's prophecy is clear.
His return is "the coming of the Son of man,"
"first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation."
Doesn't this refer to the God in the flesh?
We've been reading the Bible all these years,
so why haven't we seen this?
That's right!
The Lord prophesied many times
that He'd return as "the Son of man," "like a thief."
How have we overlooked these critical words in waiting for His return?
This is our greatest mistake!
in the last days, Almighty God's appearance and work
have completely fulfilled the Lord's prophecies.
When He returns,
He'll become flesh and come in secret,
express truths to do the work of judgment beginning with God's house,
purify and save all those who are raptured before His throne.
He'll create some overcomers before the disaster.
After all of the overcomers have been made,
God's work in the flesh will be done.
And then the great disaster will occur
and after that God will appear to all peoples around the world on a white cloud,
fulfilling the Lord's prophecy:
I understand.
The prophecies of the Lord's return, that's how they'll happen.
He'll come in secret,