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Why do I need to improve my reading?
Because good reading skills will improve your overall English language skills!
So let me tell you how you can improve your reading!
After spending many years in school, we think we're good at reading.
But what if I tell you we're not?
And that reading greatly affects our ability to learn a language.
Let me explain: First, reading can improve your vocabulary.
Studies show that reading significantly improves people's receptive vocabulary.
These are words that you might not necessarily be able to produce, but you can recognize them and understand them when you read them in a text.
Studies have also shown that vocabulary is most important when learning a new language.
Second, by actively observing the text, you can improve your grammar.
Basically, your grammar improves when you're paying attention to what you're reading and follow the patterns of the text.
This will enhance other skills, such as writing, or speaking.
And it's especially important if you're trying to learn English for academic or business purposes.
Here are four ways to improve your reading.
Number one.
Read, and read as much as possible!
There're so many things you can read in English: books, magazines, articles, newspapers, and of course our Interactive English lessons!
Our advice to you? Read something you like!
If you like history, read about history. If you like sports, read about sports.
Just choose something that will keep you reading.
And remember: practice makes perfect.
Whatever it is you're reading, read it more than once.
The second way to improve your reading is to check your comprehension.
Sure, you read something, but how do you know you understand it?
Well, for example, if you're reading an academic article, you can write down the main idea of each paragraph.
Then, when you're done reading, you have a summary of the entire article.
Or, if you're reading a storybook, check your comprehension by paraphrasing what you've read.
You can either write it or say it in your own words.
If you have difficulty paraphrasing what you've read, then this will show you that you probably need to reread the story.
And of course, you can check your comprehension by practicing with us!
In our videos, we ask you comprehension questions and we'll help you find the right answer if you make a mistake.
The third way to improve your reading? Read at the right speed!
Let your hand be your guide.
Put your finger on the text and move it along as you read.
This will help you find the right speed for you that will maximize your comprehension.
If you're looking for a challenge, there are many speed reading exercises online.
Or you can also practice with us!
In many of our reading videos, we show you texts that move at the speed of a native English speaker.
Look, this may be challenging, but it will train your mind to start reading faster.
The fourth and final way to improve your reading is to interact and engage with the text.
Ask questions about what you are reading, just like you would ask to another person.
For example, before you read, you might ask: Who is the main character? Or when do these events take place?
Then look for the answers while you read.
If you're an advanced English learner, think of questions with more substance.
What is the author trying to tell you?
Does he or she make compelling points?
Does the author show any bias?
When you interact with the text, you will become a better, more efficient reader.
And you will have a lot more fun reading, as well!
We hope you find these suggestions helpful.
Be sure to check out our video lessons in order to learn and practice your reading skills.
We love to hear from our students.
In the comments below, let us know what you enjoy reading!
We'll see you next time! Bye!



英語の読解力を鍛える方法 (How to Improve Your Reading Skills)

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