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(majestic music)
- Hi, I'm Roz Ebbutt
and I'm the costume
designer on Victoria.
This dress I have
here is a state dress
which is for Victoria which we
use for the christening
of the eldest child, Princess Victoria.
And also, then we can use again
for special state occasions.
This dress is made so that it
can accommodate the garter ribbon,
the garter star, and the actual garter.
When the Order of the Garter was instituted
it was obviously, it was around a leg.
But then when Victoria
came to the throne
obviously women's legs
weren't shown and so she evolved a technique
of putting the garter 'round the sleeve of her dress.
Then the garter sash goes 'round
always on the left shoulder to the right hip.
It's the only ribbon that does that.
And from it would hang
what's known as the George,
a little image of St. George slaying the dragon.
And then the Garter Star pins on her dress here.
That is a sort of very formal royal
part of their clothing.
This is our Buckingham Palace
livery that all of
the Buckingham Palace footmen wear.
And in fact today,
the liveries in Buckingham Palace
are not dissimilar to this.
We had a whole lot new ones
made this year so that everything
looks really perfect for the long scenes
in the corridors of Buckingham Palace
and the big reception scenes.
We also have here Buckingham Palace valets.
The chefs, the kitchen porters,
and then here on the stand
we have an example of a Hussar costume
from the 11th Hussars,
very similar to the one that Prince Albert wore
when he was Commander of the 11th Hussars.
And I also had a whole set made
of the troopers so that they could wear
on horseback for a parade scene.
So we've established a whole
new regiment of soldiers.
And here we
have a dress that was made new
for the series for Jenna Coleman, Victoria
and this was for a special fancy dress ball
with a Plantagenet theme.
And also the idea was
that everything was supposed to be made
of Spitalfields silks.
My dressmaker who made this
we used double layers of sort
of see-through embroidered fabric.
And some other embroidered fabric
and then pretend ermine here.
This beading here was actually
a bracelet which we sort of deconstructed
and spread out to look like
real jewels on her stomacher.
And all of the designs of the ball
Victoria was helped
by a man called J.R. Planche who
was actually one of the very first
historians of costume
and he wrote one of the very first books about it.
And it's still in print.
And there's a famous painting of her and Prince Albert
in their costumes.
So here we have some royal coachmen,
we have the clerk of the House of Commons,
the speakers gown.
It's been very interesting in this series that we've had
a multitude of different places,
different stories, different facets of society.
It makes a really fabulous show to be working on.


Victoria, Season 2: Behind the Costumes

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