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  • The students are chatting at Ethan's house.

  • John: What are you watching?

  • Ethan: A video about butterflies.

  • John: Boring! Let's go outside and have fun.

  • Ethan: Don't say that. Taiwan is home to over 400 kinds of butterflies.

  • We live on this island, so we should learn more about them.

  • Nora: Then what did you learn from the video?

  • Ethan: Each year, millions of purple crow butterflies fly across National Highway No. 3.

  • Look! What an amazing sight!

  • Nora: I've heard of this! When they cross the highway, many of them are killed by the traffic.

  • Ethan: That's true. Now four-meter high nets are set up to stop these butterflies from entering the traffic flow.

  • Nora: But where are the butterflies going?

  • Ethan: They're going to the north, and in autumn, they will fly back to spend their winter in the south.

  • John: Sounds interesting. I didn't know butterflies could live through the winter.

  • Ethan: I'm planning a trip to see the butterflies. Want to join me?

  • Nora: Sure.

  • John: Count us in.

The students are chatting at Ethan's house.


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