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  • You know everything you niggas say be fakes man like

  • I hope they don't play this shit in court one day

  • If you look up some of the stories in my city

  • You will see the relation between the music

  • Everybody with me clumsy, we all be droppin' shit

  • Droppin' niggas, droppin' icy kids

  • Fuck a bitch, drop her at her momma crib

  • Not with the gossipin', we do that robbin' shit

  • Any means, I'm gon' eat

  • Slide with the tank on full (Yeah)

  • Leave with the Glock on E

  • I got a K, it hold 100

  • But I got lazy, only put 90

  • Money make your whole team vanish

  • That's a paper trick, Origami

  • I be dolo, don't need a posse

  • If you got the wave, I got the tsunami

  • Chain hit like Ike Turner (What else?)

  • But I don't beat bitches, I beat burgers

  • I just bust a chain reaction just to stomp a nigga in Versace

  • Call me Martin, I stay with the Tommy

  • You lookin' for me, pussy come find me

  • And I'm not gon' snatch your chain, I'm gon' take it off politely

  • So when I go back to sell it, it's not damaged, not even slightly

  • Raised around killers, that's how I'm cut

  • Found out where he stay, don't shoot the house up

  • Lay in they bushes 'til your legs lock up

  • Whoever walk outside first, drop some

  • Lift that chopper up, go nuts (Go nuts)

  • That was his momma, so what? (Fuck it)

  • Nigga that's your fault, we wanted your blood

  • And your bitch take dick like a grownup

  • I'm a product of them streets (Yeah)

  • Sharks and hustlers, I'm from the D (Yeah)

  • Bring a nigga to the feast (Yeah), we not stingy, homie eat

  • He get greedy, put him to sleep

  • They gotta identify him by his teeth

  • We gon' kill you if you freeze

  • When your job was to squeeze, nigga

  • I got an Uzi and sound like, boom! (Ooh)

  • I got a Draco and it sound like, boom! (Sheesh)

  • Knock your shit open, the bullets explosive

  • Fall and you getting stood-over (Come here)

  • Can't run out of bullets in a shootout

  • Taking my time counting as I'm blowin'

  • Yeah, drumsticks, bitch our size AR's, we a little band

  • Rapper diss me, I'm at every show like I'm his biggest fan

  • Hollows in that Sprinter Van gon leave somebody crippled, man

  • You see your DJ brain come through his head

  • You'll turn religious, man

  • Having my way, him see us up at the range, that's practice, okay?

  • Dead bodies in the hood, pour acid on it for rapid decay

  • Granny don't even know the savage she raised, nigga

  • (Savage she raised, nigga)

  • Ayy, 200k get you took off the planet today, nigga (Holy water)

  • Ayy, nigga hoes, I don't feel 'em (Feel 'em)

  • Cut his head like a dick, let his homeboys deal him (Bitch)

  • Fuck who rockin' with him

  • Catch his bitch at the mall while she shoe shopping, nigga

  • Don't let him dive, just shoot out the windows, that's how I'm coming

  • (That's how I'm coming)

  • You not faster than no bullets, why is you running?

  • (Fuck is you runnin'?)

  • I be talking to my Glock like, you be bugging

  • (Bitch you be trippin')

  • I put Forgi's on my drop, them bitches rubbin' (Skrrt skrrt)

  • They like, Grizzley, bro you rich, why is you thugging?

  • (Why am I thugging?)

  • Big Meech was rich, ain't nobody asked him why was he hustling

  • (Why was he hustling?)

  • What y'all need to ask is these niggas why they be bluffing

  • (Fake ass niggas)

  • Took my FN off my hip like, You've been summoned (Bop!)

You know everything you niggas say be fakes man like


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ティー・グリズリー - 神の戦士【公式動画 (Tee Grizzley - God's Warrior [Official Video])

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